From the shimmer of the Pacific to the bustle of Granville Street, our Vancouver janitorial expertise shines through.

Nestled between the majestic mountains and the tranquil ocean, Vancouver demands a level of cleanliness that matches its natural beauty. The GDI team sweeps through the heart of Vancouver, from the charm of Gastown to the contemporary vibes of Coal Harbour, ensuring that this gem of the Pacific Northwest remains pristine. Beyond the city's boundaries, we've got Greater Vancouver covered too. Anchored by a legacy spanning over a century, our international stature guarantees localized proficiency.

Services we offer in Vancouver and surrounding areas

Vancouver's Urban Splendor Deserves World-Class Janitorial Services

Vancouver is renowned for its unparalleled quality of life, set amidst a backdrop of natural beauty. It’s no surprise that its residents expect top-tier building maintenance. GDI commits to delivering impeccable janitorial services in Vancouver, keeping the city’s promise of a sophisticated urban life. Our commitment is underpinned by:

Annual audits for ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification

Regular inspections employing our proprietary tools like GDI Inspect, FotoFinish, and FotoFeedback

Our comprehensive commercial cleaning in Vancouver leaves no corner untouched. From bustling office lobbies to the serene environments of spa retreats, our touch ensures that every space in Vancouver resonates with purity.

Janitorial Services
Hotel Services
Post-Construction Cleanup
Carpet Cleaning
Hard Floor Cleaning

See Vancouver Like Never Before with Crystal-Clear Window Washing

Want an unobstructed view of the Lions peaks or the serene English Bay sunsets? Our dedicated team ensures that from skyscrapers to boutique stores, every window in Vancouver offers a picture-perfect view.

Window Washing

Adaptable Outdoor Maintenance Services for Vancouver's Diverse Climate

Raincouver, as it’s lovingly called, requires specialized care to combat the challenges of its damp climate. Whether it’s pressure washing in Vancouver after a drizzly week or ensuring your parkades remain spotless amidst the fall leaves, GDI has you covered. We’re also proficient in line painting in Vancouver, ensuring your lots remain sharp and organized.

Concrete Refinishing
Snow Removal
Line painting
Pressure washing

Holistic Commercial Cleaning Services in Vancouver: For a City that Prioritizes Well-being

With a deep understanding of Vancouver’s health-conscious culture, we specialize in top-notch infectious disease control and hospital-grade disinfection. Our green approach leverages microfiber technology, and our stringent color-coded systems eliminate cross-contamination risks. Our state-of-the-art HEPA multi-filtration vacuuming technology ensures that even the rainy season’s damp doesn’t stand a chance. Beyond cleaning, our cloud-based, secure, and user-friendly online tracking, training, and documentation systems ensure you’re always in the know.

With GDI, be confident that your spaces – whether commercial or residential – reflect Vancouver’s spirit: clean, healthy, and brimming with life.


Healthcare Services

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