Capital Cleanliness for Canada's Capital: Exceptional Commercial Cleaning Services in Ottawa

From the historic charm of ByWard Market to the grandeur of Parliament Hill, GDI offers premier Ottawa cleaning services to maintain the city’s dignified elegance. Nestled at the confluence of three rivers, Ottawa stands as a beacon of Canadian culture, history, and governance. Our GDI team, deeply integrated into this celebratory city, ensures that our commercial cleaning services in Ottawa are fitting for its status. From the bustling corridors of federal buildings to the serene pathways alongside the Rideau Canal, or the dynamic neighborhoods from Orleans to Kanata, we infuse every space with Ottawa’s intrinsic elegance through our top-tier Ottawa cleaning services.

Services we offer in Ottawa and surrounding areas

Janitorial Services in Ottawa: Reflecting a Legacy of Excellence

As the seat of Canada’s federal government and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Ottawa holds itself to unparalleled standards. GDI echoes this commitment by delivering exceptional janitorial and commercial cleaning services in Ottawa, capturing the essence of this majestic city. Our promise includes upholding the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification with annual audits, and leveraging proprietary tools like GDI Inspect, FotoFinish, and FotoFeedback for consistent quality checks.

Our cleaning services, spanning from government offices to the vibrant locales of Ottawa’s festivals, are adaptable to every requirement. Additionally, GDI Home Services ensures Ottawa’s homes reflect the immaculate standards of its public spaces.

Janitorial Services
Hotel Services
Post-Construction Cleanup
Carpet Cleaning
Hard Floor Cleaning

Clear Views of Ottawa’s Architectural Marvels with GDI’s Window Cleaning

Whether observing the serene flow of the Ottawa River or admiring the Gothic Revival style of federal buildings, our window cleaning services ensure every view remains unblemished.

Window Washing

Building Maintenance for Ottawa's Unique Climate Challenges

Ottawa’s winters, with snow-clad landscapes, and humid summers call for specialized building maintenance solutions. From snow removal to pressure washing, GDI is equipped to handle Ottawa’s distinct climatic demands.

Concrete Refinishing
Snow Removal
Line painting
Pressure washing

Office Cleaning in Ottawa: Ensuring Every Workspace Resonates with Prestige

In a city hosting the nation’s decision-makers, office spaces should reflect professionalism and elegance. Our comprehensive office cleaning services in Ottawa, utilizing eco-friendly and advanced technologies, ensure every workspace, from federal offices to startups, mirrors its significance. Our use of microfiber technology ensures thorough cleaning, while our color-coded procedures prevent contamination. Furthermore, our cutting-edge HEPA multi-filtration systems promote a healthy, productive environment.

With GDI’s meticulous touch, every establishment in Ottawa, whether commercial or residential, stands as a testament to the city’s unique blend of history, culture, and ambition.

Healthcare Services

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