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A Message to our Teammates Working on the Front-lines

To our teammates working on the front-lines providing essential services to coast, across Canada and the United States, we thank you. Members of our GDI Integrated Facility Services, Ainsworth, Modern Canada and Superior Sany Solutions teams wanted to send you all this message of appreciation:

Technical Cleaning and Coronavirus

Technical Cleaning and Coronavirus Our Director of Safety, Environment and Quality at GDI Services (Canada) LP, Rennie Kissoonsingh, was asked to provide his expertise as a presenter in the BOMA Canada Webinar discussing the coronavirus, cleaning and property management. Since such great knowledge was shared, we thought we would give a quick recap of some […]

Ainsworth and Airtron Combine

Minor Makeover To really unify the new team, Ainsworth Inc. and Airtron Canada have amalgamated both brands under the Ainsworth name. We have also refreshed the new Ainsworth brand to signify the family ties with GDI. And there is absolutely no need to worry— it’s still the same great people and services you’ve come to know […]

New Services at Airton

New Services at Airton The GDI Integrated Facility Services team is committed to increasing our value proposition to you – our valued client. One way we’re doing this is by taking a “collaborative care” approach to facility maintenance. We are adding new teams with skills outside of the janitorial realm to the GDI family so […]

Exciting Developments

Exciting Developments Ainsworth Inc., a GDI company, has announced the addition of Direct Energy Business Services Ltd., d/b/a Airtron Canada to its team. Airtron is a leading Canadian provider of HVAC, building automation and energy efficiency services, with over 400 employees, 300 service vehicles and operations across Canada. The combination of Ainsworth and Airtron will […]

Simple Ways to Help The Environment and Your Bottom Line

Simple Ways To Help The Environment And Your bottom Line Sustainability and ‘going green’ are increasingly hot topics as energy expenses escalate and the need to protect our environment reaches a critical level. Here are a few simple things you can do to help the environment and your bottom line: GET LEED CERTIFIED The Canada […]

A Key Step in Protecting Your Facility’s Value

A key Step in Protecting your Facility’s Value With the change in season, facilities need a targeted Spring Clean to get rid of the mess winter has left behind. We can see how the gravel, salt and dirt can damage a building’s hard surface floor and carpeted areas, but less visible risks can be overlooked […]

GDI Welcomes Ainsworth to the Family!

GDI Welcomes Ainsworth to the Family We are proud to announce a milestone event in the history of two great companies. GDI Integrated Facility Services joined forces with Ainsworth Inc. on November 11, 2015 to substantially enhance our service offerings, market position and most importantly – the value proposition to our clients. GDI is the […]

We’ve Grown!

Our Growth Here’s a look at how we’ve grown (both organically and through strategic acquisitions) to become one of the largest facility services providers in North America over the past couple of years. There’s an old phrase: Change is inevitable – growth is optional. At GDI we believe growth is not just an option, but […]