How we keep our workplaces safe

One of the fundamental principles of GDI is creating and promoting a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and clients.

Core Values & Front-Line Accountability

One of the fundamental principles of GDI is creating and promoting a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and clients.  This begins with GDI’s core concept of S.A.F.E.  – Safety is Always First for Everyone – which extends seamlessly into the client environments we service.  Considering that our janitorial staff access more square footage at the facilities we service daily than most employees would at a regular workplace, GDI empowers employees to extend the culture of S.A.F.E to the entirety of every facility that we service.  This means that staff visually observe client facilities and report or correct unsafe conditions before they lead to circumstances that could be unsafe or dangerous.

This idea of front-line accountability for safety begins with an internal regimented training program that has flexible implementation methods depending on the nature of the environment being serviced. A combination of online, theoretical, visual, and hands-on training compliment the on-the-job orientation staff receive when servicing the facilities that GDI maintains.

Underlying this core S.A.F.E philosophy is a comprehensive safety program with a special focus on each different environment.  The nature of our operations requires syncing with many robust client safety programs which are vetted during bidding and contracting procedures. GDI also subscribes to various third-party bodies such as COR, Safety Groups, and various client-driven compliance networks such as ISNetworld, Complyworks, Contractor Check, Avetta and numerous others. With a major investment in people, GDI will continue to evolve and innovate our focus on safety to remain viable at all the facilities we service.

Quality Management & Continuous Improvement

GDI’s key consideration for quality is the mindset of continuous improvement to ultimately drive client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is GDI’s ultimate measurement for quality, and the company’s methods of measurement and analysis vary by facility. The systems for quality management are governed by GDI’s ISO 9001:2015 QMS (Quality Management Systems) registration which are audited annually.

To compliment GDI’s QMS, the company also has proprietary software to assess the state of quality with both qualitative and quantitative metrics as well as feedback surveys directed to GDI clients to evaluate the impression of quality for our most important stakeholders, our clients.

The continuous improvement process engrained in our operations commands responsiveness, but more importantly evaluates the root cause for the deviations that occur in our daily operations. Most concerns are corrected on the spot with little-to-no client interventions, and those that that require a deeper analysis are supported by proper evaluations to prevent reoccurrence and drive innovation.


Environmental Management & Environmental Stewardship

Cognisant of our environmental footprint, GDI promotes the concept of environmental stewardship at every opportunity that presents itself. GDI’s environmental management system (EMS) is governed by registration to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and is further supported by adherence to the ECO Warranty program.  Both the ISO and ECO Warranty programs are audited annually by external auditors.  

GDI’s preference is to utilize chemicals, consumables, and equipment that meet environmental accreditation or environmental performance standards to promote healthy building environments for both clients and staff.  GDI’s footprint across Canada services many client spaces that meet LEED and BOMA BEST building certification that rely heavily on the nature of the operations that GDI staff perform onsite.  GDI’s presence in buildings supports these facilities’ focus on recycling, reducing waste and segregating waste which has an enormous impact on categorizing waste streams so that material can be recycled or repurposed and diverted away from landfill.

Our support for environmental initiatives not only helps the environment but translates to less hazardous chemicals for staff to use as well as healthy buildings for clients and tenants.



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