We clean for health

“Whether its a medical office, surgery, physical therapy centre, hospital, or something else entirely, you need your healthcare facility to be clean. That’s why we offer commercial disinfectant cleaning services specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare environments. We know that you have specific health requirements, and we can adapt our cleaning strategies to ensure that they are met with the utmost care and professionalism.
We offer infectious disease and hospital-grade disinfection so you can rest easy. All cleaning cloths and mopping procedures use microfibre technology for better containment and removal, and we use strict color-coding methodologies to avoid cross contamination. Our experts use HEPA multi-filtration high-efficiency vacuuming and dusting technology, and provide detailed pandemic contingency planning, air duct cleaning, reusable and cleanable filtering technology, operating cost reduction guidelines that help you stay within your budget, and more—we’ll even exceed compliance and auditing requirements so you don’t have to worry about how compliant your facility is with regulations.”
Healthcare facility cleaned by commercial disinfectant services





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