Embrace Edmonton's Dynamic Charm with GDI's Comprehensive Janitorial Services

Nestled in the heart of North America, Edmonton stands as a beacon of metropolitan allure and natural splendor. GDI’s team, deeply rooted in Edmonton’s community, offers unparalleled commercial cleaning services, embodying the city’s renowned reputation as the ‘Gateway to the North.’ Our expansive reach covers the vibrant downtown areas to the serene expanses of the River Valley, ensuring that Edmonton’s commercial spaces shine as brightly as its vast green landscapes.

Services we offer in Edmonton and surrounding areas

Janitorial Excellence for Edmonton’s Bustling Metropolis

In Edmonton, a city celebrated for its lively festivals and unique Prairie energy, the expectation for clean, vibrant spaces is paramount. GDI’s global expertise in janitorial service ensures that Edmonton’s commercial and cultural hubs reflect the city’s dynamic spirit. Our commitment to excellence includes:

  • Strict compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, reassessed yearly
  • Frequent quality checks using proprietary tools such as GDI Inspect, FotoFinish, and FotoFeedback

Our janitorial services cater to diverse Edmonton venues, from the iconic West Edmonton Mall to quaint local cafes.

Janitorial Services
Hotel Services
Post-Construction Cleanup
Carpet Cleaning
Hard Floor Cleaning

Crystal-Clear Views: Premier Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Experience unobstructed views of Edmonton’s picturesque landscapes, from the sprawling North Saskatchewan River to the historic quarters of Old Strathcona, with GDI’s expert window cleaning services.

Window Washing

Adaptable Building Maintenance for Edmonton's Diverse Weather

Edmonton’s distinct seasons demand specialized building maintenance solutions. GDI is adept at managing the city’s varied climate challenges, from efficient snow removal to thorough springtime pressure washing.

Concrete Refinishing
Snow Removal
Line painting
Pressure washing

Innovative Commercial Cleaning Solutions Tailored for Edmonton

Recognizing Edmonton as a center of innovation, GDI utilizes advanced, eco-friendly cleaning technologies. Our approach is geared towards efficient cleaning with microfiber technologies and stringent color-coded systems to prevent cross-contamination. The integration of HEPA filtration systems addresses the unique challenges of Edmonton’s seasonal changes. Our digital platforms offer transparent, real-time insights into our cleaning processes.
With GDI, every aspect of your Edmonton commercial space will resonate with the city’s distinctive blend of modernity, tradition, and breathtaking natural beauty, ensuring a pristine and inviting environment for all.

Healthcare Services

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