Our Commitment to Community and Environment: Calgary Pathways and River Cleanup

Every year, our Calgary team trades in office clothes for cleanup attire. Armed with bags, gloves, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, our team steps out to partake in the Annual Pathways and River Cleanup, a longstanding city tradition since 1967. This event reflects our dedication of “Respecting People and Planet”,” and the commitment has been unwavering for over ten years.

River Cleanup Blog Post

This year, some of our key leaders led by example, including Hayley Loco, Senior Vice President of Western Canada, Peter Pollack, Vice President of Southern Alberta, and Kara House, Regional Director of Health, Safety, and Environment. Their leadership not only highlights their own dedication but also sparks a wider sense of community among our team.

Peter Pawluk, Vice President Southern Alberta

Peter Pollack, a born and raised Calgarian shares “This event has been a part of my life for years. It’s incredibly valuable to give back and help make our city a bit cleaner each year. It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure our community remains a great place to live, work, and play.”

Echoing the same sentiment, Kara House added a layer of professional and personal passion for safety and environment, stating, “We’re not just cleaning up garbage; we’re promoting a lifestyle where everyone gets to enjoy a safe and clean environment. It’s about making a sustainable impact that extends beyond today.”

The support from our Calgary branch grows stronger with each year, reflecting the rising awareness and dedication towards environmental stewardship.

As we reflect on this year’s cleanup, the power of community and collective action is clear. Our ongoing involvement in the Pathways and River Cleanup not only reinforces our commitment to the environment but also strengthens the bonds within our team, enhancing our pride as representatives of GDI in the broader Calgary community.

Let’s continue to lead by example, demonstrating that when it comes to respecting our planet, every small action counts.


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