Cleaning Services in Montreal

GDI offers extensive commercial cleaning services for all business types in Montreal. Whether your company is in a high-rise building or an industrial warehouse, GDI has the prowess to fulfill your cleaning requirements. Our cleaning services are adaptable to your needs in order to ensure that a consistent level of cleanliness is met.

Ensure a clean working space with our customizable cleaning programs. Tell us what you need, and we’ll provide the services.

Corporate Commercial Cleaning

Our professional and experienced staff at GDI strives to provide our clients with excellent cleaning services in Montreal. The corporate sector acknowledges our use of cutting-edge quality assurance inspection tools that consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our corporate commercial cleaning provides numerous services you can choose from, based on what’s suitable for your company’s need, such as:

For outdoor cleaning services in Montreal, we guarantee a spotless and welcoming commercial space for new and returning customers or those passing through. GDI’s exterior cleaning services include graffiti removal, pressure washing, snow removal, and landscaping.

GDI takes pride in handling all types of commercial cleaning projects and provides immaculate and thorough emergency clean-ups and on-call maintenance.

Office Cleaning

GDI offers exceptional office cleaning services in Montreal to ensure your office space is dust-free and routinely polished. Our office cleaning covers an extensive range of maintenance tasks to guarantee a proper work environment, including:

  • Day-to-day cleaning
  • Sanitation
  • Janitorial services
  • Cubicle cleaning
  • Carpet and floor cleaning
  • Light fixture cleaning
  • Waste management services

Regardless of your office size or cubicle layout, our staff at GDI is fully equipped to exceed your company’s office cleaning needs.

Janitorial Services

GDI’s janitorial services provide daily, weekly, and monthly housekeeping at your request and ensure your office building, corporate environment, or industrial space is not only clean but appears professional and properly maintained. Our janitorial services include dusting, garbage removal, light repairs, floor and carpet cleaning, and more.

Our cleaning services in Montreal are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We ensure your work environment—especially your common areas, such as the foyer, hallways, and elevators—are always neat, well-lit, and free of dust, spills, and garbage.

Every industry requires janitorial services to help with day-to-day cleaning. Experienced and hard-working in all building types and surfaces, our janitorial staff is well-equipped to handle all professional cleaning requests.

Contact GDI  today to determine which commercial cleaning program in Montreal is optimal for your business needs.