Post Construction Cleanup in Toronto

Post Construction Cleaning Services in Toronto

GDI offers full-scale services for post-construction cleanup in Toronto. Our cleanup crew ensures that the many construction sites throughout the city are thoroughly cleaned both for public safety reasons and to adhere with municipal bylaws. We recognize construction schedules are in constant flux, making cleanup difficult. That’s why hiring ONE construction cleaning service to take care of ALL your maintenance is the best way to ensure your needs are met.

Let us handle your messiest projects for superior results that guarantee your project advances without any delays, unnecessary overspending, or accidents.

Dusting and Rubbish Removal

The biggest job of any construction site is to collect and remove unusable construction waste. Building scraps, dust, concrete pieces, saw dust, and hazardous materials require expedient and meticulous removal to ensure the site continues to be clear and ready for the next phase of construction. Dusting improves the working conditions of construction workers and prevents environmental contamination and the spread of particles off-site. Dusting and rubbish removal includes walls and other high places, windows, floors, doors, furniture, and other surfaces, as well as waste removal.

Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

Post-construction cleaning in Toronto is incomplete without giving floors a thorough washing and refinishing. Skilled and professionally trained GDI employees will provide your floors with a customized cleaning that will ensure they look as good as new. Construction sites can make floors dirty, dusty, and dull. A proper vacuuming, sweeping, and washing with commercial-grade cleaning technology is just what your main floor and hallways need to put the finishing touches on your new build.

Millwork Cleaning

Sawdust, wood scraps, and other wood-related waste can cause a wealth of breathing issues and allergies. Not only does sawdust affect employees working in the vicinity, but it can also travel away from the construction site and get into ventilation systems, homes, and into our lungs. We provide safe and thorough millwork cleaning that removes waste from all surfaces so that your construction site is a safe and clean place to work. We employ environmentally conscious waste-removal methods to promote and maintain eco-friendly business practices.

Wall, Ceiling and Door Cleaning

Whether it’s a new condo build or a commercial renovation, GDI guarantees a fully customized post-construction cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. After the construction phase is complete, we make sure to prepare your interior for décor and furniture by cleaning every surface that may have collected dust or dirt during the process, such as walls, ceilings, doors and crevices. Under our care and attention to detail, your interior surfaces will sparkle and shine, leaving zero trace of their mid-construction appearance.

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning

Removing all possible debris, dust, and construction materials from parking lots and garage spaces allows drivers to park freely without worrying about dust, sharp objects that could puncture their tires, and other unseen hazards. We’ll make sure your parking areas are clean and tidy so that you can feel proud to welcome employees, clients, and guests.

Take advantage of all the services we have to offer and call GDI today.