Event Support in Toronto

Event Support Services in Toronto

GDI Integrated Facility Services ensures your event runs as smoothly as possible by providing event support services that keep your venue clean, safe, and organized from beginning to end. Before your concert, professional sports game, festival, or trade show even starts, GDI’s team of experienced staff will be on-site to provide a thorough event setup and plan the logistics to carry out an efficient operation.

Let us bring our A-game so your venue is clean, healthy, and safe for your staff and guests no matter where or when your event takes place.

What We Can Do


  • Pre-event overall check
  • Equipment set-up support
  • Full review of area cleanliness
  • Support employee and management deployment (equipment operators, technicians, etc.)
  • Logistical services and loading dock support


  • Logistical and operational support
  • Continuous monitoring, including sanitary installations
  • Waste management


Sports Complexes & Facilities

Our experienced event support staff will ensure your stadium is well maintained before, during, and after every sporting event. Using our commercial-scale cleaning technology, we ensure that your facilities are polished from top to bottom to avoid messes, slips and falls.
Our event setup services allow stadium employees to serve your guests with their complete attention without having to leave their duties to help take care of unexpected sanitation issues. Maintaining your stadium improves your customers’ overall experience while upholding your sport complex’s reputation for cleanliness and quality customer service.

Outdoor Sites

Nothing is more important that ensuring guest safety and facility sanitation of your outdoor venue. Before your event, GDI will take a complete inventory and site survey of the outdoor area to guarantee the site is left exactly how it was found. Using environmentally friendly sanitation practices, our professional employees will be a strong force of on-site support and waste management. Outdoor events that necessitate the use of portable washrooms require extreme diligence and efficiency to guarantee guest comfort and hygiene.

Outdoor events can get messy. Whether it’s a music festival or a fair, patrons are more willing to throw their waste wherever it is convenient at an outdoor event. GDI mitigates the time spent cleaning the venue after the event is over by maintaining a constant flow of on-site sanitation and waste management services. GDI’s waste management staff closely monitor disposal sites and facilities to ensure sites are properly stocked with necessary supplies and that waste is effectively removed out of site from guests. After the event, our staff takes special care to disassemble furniture, props, stage set-up, etc. and to systematically collect, sort, and dispose of waste products.

Corporate Events

Our event support services help your company load, stock, organize, and prepare for your corporate function. During the event, we’ll make sure that your venue is well-maintained, well-stocked, clean, and organized. Whether you’re throwing your annual holiday party or a global conference, our event support staff will deliver the professional services your company deserves.

Our Toronto event support services certify patron satisfaction by maintaining your venue’s reputation for cleanliness and safety. Contact us today!