Condo Cleaning in Toronto

Condominium Cleaning Services in Toronto

Turn your condo building into a five-star residence with full-service condo cleaning in Toronto. GDI provides a complete condo cleaning and maintenance solution that streamlines your building’s needs. Keep your residents happy and satisfied by your dedication to the condo building’s cleanliness and overall appeal.

Provide residents and staff with a healthy and safe establishment by contacting us for a customized cleaning program that covers every nook and cranny for a complete clean.

Condominium Support Services We Offer:

  • Common Area Cleaning
  • Handy-Person Services
  • Underground Power Washing
  • Apartment Cleaning
  • Fixture Replacement Services
  • Specialty Carpet Cleaning

Public Condo Space Cleaning

Your condo residents expect to get what they pay for, and they expect their vehicles to be safe and accessible in a parking lot that is clean and free of dust and debris. GDI condo cleaning in Toronto takes parking lot cleaning very seriously by applying a customized cleaning solution for your parking lot type.

Handy Services

Residents and employees don’t want to wait around for a service call to be answered. Broken fixtures, leaky pipes, and unresponsive automatic doors can add frustration to someone’s day and also pose a safety hazard. Show residents and board members that building maintenance is your main priority by employing a GDI condo handy-person to expediently handle all issues on the spot. Handy-person services include:

  • Replacing light fixtures
  • Small mechanical repairs
  • Light plumbing repairs
  • Installations
  • And more!

Common Area Services

Residents pay high premiums for their common area amenities. GDI ensures that residents can experience the full value of these services by fixing repairs and keeping everything spotless and ready to use. GDI will make your common areas something your residents will feel comfortable with and proud to show guests and out-of-towners. These services include vacuuming, carpet cleaning, spot cleaning and stain removal, dusting, sanitizing, and repairs.

Underground Power Washing

Dirt, dust, and contaminants are carried in on vehicle wheels and build up over time, making your condo building’s underground an unpleasant place to be. Underground power washing effectively and sustainably removes dirt and debris while giving the ground a polished look that your residents will appreciate.

Specialty Carpet Cleaning (Vacuuming, Area Rugs, Walk Off Mat, etc.)

Heavy foot traffic and accidental spills takes its toll on your hallway and foyer carpets, area rugs, and entrance mats. GDI utilizes customized specialty carpet cleaning equipment to dig deep into the fibres of your carpets to lift dust, bacteria, allergens, and surface stains, which transforms your carpets and makes them look brand new.

Contact GDI to create a cleaning program that meets all of your needs.