Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto

Toronto Commercial Cleaning Services

GDI provides full-scale commercial cleaning services in Toronto for all building types. Whether you’re in a skyscraper or an industrial warehouse, GDI has the expertise to meet your cleaning requirements. Our fully customizable cleaning services ensure your building maintains a consistent level of cleanliness.

Dust, grime, allergens, and mould are hazardous to our health and can affect the production of your staff, as well as the success of your business. Taking care of your building shows your staff and potential clients that their wellbeing is important. With GDI’s help, we can strengthen your reputation, restore your employees’ sense of worth, and guarantee that your building complies with Toronto health and safety regulations.   

See how easy it is to maintain a healthy and safe environment with a customized cleaning program that encompasses a variety of services from a single trusted Toronto provider.

Corporate Commercial Cleaning

Our professional and experienced staff delivers superior cleaning services in Toronto. We are recognized in the corporate sector for using cutting-edge quality assurance inspection tools to ensure our clients’ expectations are consistently met.

What does corporate commercial cleaning cover? Quite a lot. Here are some examples of what we offer:

Our outdoor cleaning services in Toronto guarantee your commercial space is a spotless and welcoming site for passersby or for new and returning customers. Our exterior cleaning services include: 

  • Graffiti removal
  • Pressure washing
  • Snow removal
  • Landscaping

Our staff treats emergency cleanups and unscheduled maintenance with expediency and thoroughness. There is no commercial cleaning project too big or too small.

Each commercial cleaning service you add to your package gets you closer to having a healthy and safe building for all occupants, whether it’s parking lot cleaning, healthcare sanitation, or routine janitorial services. 


Office Cleaning

Dust and allergens aren’t always visible to the naked eye. As we go about our business, dust builds up in corners and on surfaces. Ventilation systems circulate the air and with it, loose dust, which building occupants unknowingly breathe in. Additionally, dust settles on furniture, such as couches and carpets, which can destroy the fabric over time. Routine cleaning is not only for the benefit of people’s health and safety, but also for the longevity of your furniture. 

As one of Toronto’s reputable commercial cleaning companies, GDI boosts company reputations and images. Our office cleaning includes:

We ensure that your office is dust-free and in a routinely polished state.

GDI is a respectful commercial cleaning company. We make flexible schedules for all types of Toronto businesses. If it’s more convenient for you to have us clean after your business’ regular hours, then that is how we will design your service package. We offer seasonal, daily, weekly, and bi-weekly time slots that answer your needs. Our staff is trained to work without disturbing your employees or annoying your guests. They work in a clean uniform and maintain a professional demeanour at all times.  

GDI Toronto offers a variety of office building services whether you have a bullpen of cubicles in a Bay Street skyscraper or a modern cubicle-free think tank. We also provide office cleaning for educational facilities and other sectors. Our staff can fully customize your office’s cleaning servicesto ensure your complete satisfaction.

Janitorial Services

We are all responsible for the cleanliness of public spaces. If the office break room isn’t cleaned on a regular basis or stairwell lights are burnt out, the health and safety of individuals are at risk. 

GDI’s janitorial services provide quality cleaning with attention to detail in office buildings, corporate environments, and industrial spaces. Whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly housekeeping, our professional cleaning services will ensure your space is clean, professional looking, and properly maintained. Our janitorial services include dusting, floor and carpet cleaning, waste removal, light repairs, and more.

Our cleaning services in Toronto are aimed to match the high standards you uphold for your building. We make sure that your common areas, such as the foyer, hallways, and elevators are consistently tidy, free of dust, spills, waste, and always well lit.

Janitorial services are required across all industries to deal with the day-to-day cleanliness of a building. Our restaurant cleaning, for instance, guarantees an inspection-ready kitchen with efficient dishwashing and scullery services. GDI’s staff are up to date on all food preparation and health standards. Our restaurant cleaning caters to pubs and bars, as well. 

Feel free to consult our extensive list of specialty services. Our janitorial staff is experienced in all building types and surfaces and are ready to apply their professional cleaning skills to any situation.

Whether you have questions or concerns, you can always rely on our customer service to listen and handle anything you need. Contact GDI today so we can create a cleaning program that meets your needs.