TMX Group’s C-Suite at the Open with GDI Integrated Facility Services’ CEO Claude Bigras

Posted on: October 25, 2021

GDI Integrated Facility Services and its Chief Executive Officer, Claude Bigras were featured in the latest TMX Group C-suite at the open series.

Last month, GDI’s well-diversified product offering helped GDI rank 17th on the 2021 list of top performing TSX stocks (TSX30).

“Being a public company gives our clients confidence that we are good corporate citizens with well-established systems, policies and procedures in place,” said Bigras. “Governance is extremely important to our clients in today’s world.”

According to Bigras, GDI’s success over the years is due to the company’s focus on organic growth while also pursuing M&A deals to expand its geographic exposure and enter into new categories. A huge emphasis for GDI is to acquire companies with a similar culture.

“People, culture, and expertise are the key elements of GDI’s growth,” he said. “I have been blessed to be surrounded by a team of incredibly smart, hardworking, competent, and dedicated people.”

A key focus for GDI is playing a role in building a cleaner and greener planet, and Bigras explains that the company is in the process of building out technical expertise to provide energy efficiency and green solutions with the goal being to transform GDI into a building technology and intelligence service provider leader over the next ten years.

“Real estate is moving to smart buildings with greener profiles,” said Bigras. “I want GDI to be at the forefront of that transition.”

GDI Integrated Facility Services offers a range of facility cleaning services to north American owners and managers of multiple facility types including office buildings, distribution facilities, healthcare establishments, and stadiums, and provides a full suite of services ranging from janitorial to HVAC, energy efficiency projects, advisory services, and building automation equipment installation.