Disaster Restoration Services

Disaster can come in many forms: ice storms, wind storms, water damage, fire damage, and more. Luckily, GDI handles it all!

As a leader in the cleaning industry, GDI is prepared for any disaster with trained and certified staff, powerful industrial equipment, and eco-friendly cleaning products. Our team works to get your business back up and running in as little time as possible. We can also work with you to develop contingency and emergency plans to prepare for rapid disaster recovery in the future.

Get assistance from a disaster restoration company you can trust. Call GDI today.

Make the right choice by choosing GDI’s reliable restoration services, and you’ll receive a customized disaster restoration and recovery program.

Our Mission

Since its founding almost 100 years ago, GDI has been dedicated to meeting clients’ needs with our unrivalled experience. GDI serves a wide variety of industries with our advanced technology and cleaning techniques to help you save time and money. We continue to strengthen the reputation of countless business names across North America with our thorough services.

The safety of your employees and guests is our top priority, so GDI staff employs our proprietary software to ensure quality assurance in every job we do.

Destruction Clean-Up during Natural Disasters

When catastrophe strikes, GDI is your lifeline to restoration and recovery. We have the expertise and technology to deliver quality results in a timely manner.

Our emergency disaster restoration services include:

  • Fire, Water, and Damage Recovery
  • Documentation and Media Restoration
  • Mould Remediation
  • Decontamination
  • Asbestos Removal Management
  • HVAC Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Pack-Out/Moving Services
  • Demolition, Renovation, and Reconstruction


We’ll dispatch a team immediately to clean up your property after a windstorm. Whether your building is damaged or full of debris, our restoration services are up to the challenge! We can remove fallen trees, patch up roofs, and more.

Ice Storms

GDI’s disaster restoration team will protect your employees and guests from electrical hazards, fire damage, and water damage caused by ice storms.

Water Damage Restoration

From heavy rainfall to a flood, GDI is on the scene to clean up the disaster before it creates further damage. We perform water extraction, moisture readings, and help prevent mould and electrical hazards before they get out of hand.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Don’t wait too long before having our professionals evaluate your smoke and fire damage. As time passes, synthetic materials can release harmful gases and corrosive acids. We’ll implement fire damage mitigation, restoration, and corrosion control measures.

Additionally, we can evaluate your property to prevent further smoke and fire damage issues. Pre-planning is a big part of our disaster restoration services. Throughout Canada, restoration services by GDI are used every day to restore belongings and property to their original condition.

We Have the Resources for Your Emergency Restoration Needs

Our disaster restoration team will be on the scene when you need us most! We can handle flood, fire, and anything Mother Nature is capable of doing. Partner with GDI to create a comprehensive disaster restoration and recovery plan for your business.

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