Post Construction Cleanup Services in Ottawa

Post-construction cleanup is often an afterthought in the construction process. Many construction companies adopt a cavalier stance towards cleanup at the end of the day or after the completion of a project.

However, a thorough post-construction cleanup is vital for both safety and sanitation reasons. GDI is proud to provide premier post-construction cleanup services throughout the Ottawa region. Our cleaning crews can help you avoid unnecessary delays, preventable accidents, and overspending.

Strengthen the Ottawa community with post-construction cleanup services that prevent airborne contamination and leftover debris.

Dusting & Rubbish Removal

Waste removal is a major job on a construction site because it includes the removal of:

  • Building scraps
  • Dust and sawdust
  • Concrete pieces
  • Hazardous materials

We know this is tedious work that many contractors would rather avoid. However, a stray nail or pile of unattended dust can pose serious health risks to unsuspecting passersby and your workers. Neighbouring buildings and greenspaces will also benefit from our post-construction cleaning services, as we will use the best methods to contain airborne particles. GDI Ottawa takes extra care to meticulously remove all hazardous materials from the post-construction area.

Floor Cleaning & Refinishing

After all refuse from the construction site has been removed, we make it a point to provide our clients with professional floor cleaning services. We sweep, vacuum, mop, and commercially clean all types of floors, including ceramic, tile, and wood. With the right care, your floors will shine like diamonds and be ready for tenants.

Millwork Cleaning

Depending on the building, construction sites have a lot of millwork that bring the designer’s ideas to life. From fireplace mantels to columns to doors and even wainscoting, millwork results in a lot of dust and wood particles that can be blown away by the wind. GDI’s post-construction cleaning services in Ottawa reduce the mess from spreading beyond the site. We remove sawdust, every scrap of wood, and other wood-related products. For the environment’s benefit, we use eco-friendly products in the process.

Wall, Ceiling & Door Cleaning

Our GDI staff will give your new space a thorough cleaning. We ensure that doors, walls, ceilings, and crevices are pristine and to your satisfaction. We take great pains to get your space ready for interior decor and furniture. When we’re done with our cleaning, we know you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Parking Lot & Garage Cleaning

Because parking space is so valuable and used on a daily basis, GDI’s Ottawa professionals will implement the highest standards of cleaning for the safety of cars and pedestrians. GDI’s services save people from unnecessary spending on car maintenance and medical bills. Whether you have a parking lot or garage, we remove construction debris that could cause damage to cars while ensuring that parking spaces are pedestrian-friendly.

Our services cover a range of post-construction cleaning needs in Ottawa. Reach out to us today for more information.