Healthcare Cleaning Services in Ottawa

Preventing the spread of infections and disease within healthcare facilities is of the utmost importance so your staff, patients, and visitors are protected. Killing harmful germs can be a daunting process, especially when your staff is small and when medical professionals are busy caring for patients that require considerable attention.

To avoid the problems that can arise from lack of sanitation, it’s wise to consider professional healthcare cleaning services for your Ottawa medical facility. GDI’s services will reduce your staff’s stress and workload, so they can devote their full attention to the health and wellbeing of their patients.

GDI Integrated Facility Services has been on a mission to provide healthcare facilities with the best sanitation practices for over 90 years. We deliver high-quality results that exceed the latest healthcare standards.

To prevent sanitation from taking a backseat in your medical facility, start a cleaning regime that can be customized to your facility’s size, budget, and in-house staff needs.

What We Can Do

Our healthcare cleaning services are extensive, so you have many to choose from for your program, including:

  • Hospital-grade disinfection specific to healthcare environments
  • Integration of Microfibre technology into all of our cleaning and mopping programs for better containment and removal
  • Strict colour-coding methodologies are practiced to avoid cross-contamination
  • HEPA multi-filtration vacuuming technology and dusting to ensure complete surface and air purification for patients with compromised immune systems
  • Detailed pandemic contingency planning to limit the spread of illness and disease
  • Reusable and cleanable filtering technology
  • Cost reduction guidelines for all operations
  • Detailed compliance and auditing requirements for the highest efficiency

Where We Can Help

GDI’s full-scope service adapts to your medical facility with ease. Here are just a few building examples:

  • Medical Office Buildings. From podiatry to dentistry and every medicine in between, we’re here to clean and disinfect your workspace to prevent the spread of contaminants in the air and on surfaces.
  • Surgery Centres. You don’t need to worry about contaminated areas or equipment when our GDI specialists are on the scene.
  • Medical Laboratories. Save your costly research with our healthcare cleaning services. We cover every inch of your lab with eco-friendly products and care.
  • Physical Therapy Centres. As your patients regain control of their lives, help them by trusting our experts to clean and sanitize equipment and common areas.
  • Daycare Centres. Prevent the spread of bacteria with our regularly scheduled cleaning services, so children can explore and learn while staff and parents can be worry-free.
  • Ambulatory Care Facilities. We protect individuals in health clinics, eyecare centres, and family medical practices, so they can provide an efficient job or receive the services they need without the fear of being in a sullied environment.


At GDI, we provide daily care and maintenance to medical establishments, and keep your community safe from harmful illnesses. Doing so results in faster recovery rates, fewer patient deaths, as well as a reduction in hospital-acquired infections. GDI technicians are specially trained to use eco-friendly products and tested cleaning techniques that successfully remove contaminants from surfaces and ventilation.

Begin today with our healthcare cleaning services in Ottawa, and see the difference in only a few days.