Event Support Service in Ottawa

GDI understands that organizing an event consists of completing dozens of small tasks and a lot of stress, including worrying about guest safety and the safety of temporary equipment. From a music concert to a festival to a sporting event, we offer event support services in Ottawa to help with hazard prevention and cleaning, as well as setup and disassembly of equipment. GDI Integrated Facility Services provides highly trained staff to help your event go off seamlessly.

Work with our GDI professionals to prepare a memorable event that goes smoothly while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.

What We Can Do


  • Pre-event overall check
  • Equipment setup support
  • Full review of area cleanliness
  • Support employee and management deployment (equipment operators, technicians, etc.)
  • Logistical services and loading dock support


  • Logistical and operational support
  • Continuous monitoring, including sanitary installations
  • Waste management


  • Full-facility cleaning
  • Waste sorting
  • Equipment disassembly support
  • Furniture storage

Sports Facilities and Complexes

We’re ready to step up to bat for your sporting event. At GDI Ottawa, we can handle stadiums with our commercial-scale technology. By taking care of large messes and common spills, we provide employees with event support services that are ever-present. Our staff’s expertise makes it easy for your employees to take care of regular duties while we deal with unexpected sanitary issues; this support enhances your guests’ overall experience and keeps them coming back.

Outdoor Sites

Mother Nature can provide an unexpected forecast at your outdoor event, so we strategize with you about guests’ safety, event setup, and potential sanitation issues. GDI provides detailed planning with cutting-edge technology and setup assistance to ensure the wellbeing of your guests.

Before the event, we take the time to do a site inspection and a detailed inventory, making it easier to clean the site afterward. Our sanitation products and techniques are eco-friendly to ensure your venue isn’t damaged from the use of harsh chemicals. With over 90 years of experience, GDI understands that people tend to leave trash wherever it’s convenient, which could put others at risk of falling or hurting themselves. As a result, we make trash bins available at convenient locations and constantly prioritize ongoing cleaning throughout the event. Additionally, our staff monitors the area for loose rubbish and other pests during your event. It’s our goal to achieve guest comfort and hygiene.

When the event is over, our professionals are still present to help you with the disassembly of temporary equipment, as well as assisting you with waste removal.

Corporate Events

From an office holiday party to a conference for your customers, GDI is ready with event setup services to make it a success. Dressed in professional clothing, our staff proudly represents your company with outstanding customer service and constant cleaning and sanitizing of the area. We refrain from interfering too much, so your guests can focus on the event.

Get in touch with GDI today to start planning with our event support services in Ottawa.