Cleaning Services in Ottawa

Cleaning services are vital to the wellbeing of your employees, the longevity of your facilities, and the reputation of your company. Office spaces that are unclean, unkempt, or neglected can cause your workers to frequently become sick. Unclean offices can even drive away potential customers.

Help employees work and feel better with a GDI customized cleaning program that comprises of effective methods to improve the air quality and safety of your establishment.

What We Can Do

We’ll begin with an on-site visit to discern what your building needs and how to accommodate you according to your building’s layout. By working with you, we guarantee your satisfaction while sticking to your company’s budget.

Our services include:

  • High-rise window cleaning
  • Window frame cleaning
  • Interior glass cleaning (partitions, decorative windows, doors, and other glass surfaces)
  • Job hazard analysis

Exterior Window Cleaning Ottawa

Cleaning windows on multi-story buildings is a job only for professionals because of the dangers involved. Special equipment is required to reach all hard-to-reach exterior sections of a building. We thoroughly clean window frames with products that are safe and gentle for the architectural structure of the building.

Many modern buildings have wall-to-floor glass room divisions, giving the space a chic and trendy appearance. Various cleaning agents are used for different surfaces of tempered, insulated, safety laminated, and annealed glass. Our cleaning teams at GDI use the best products to keep the glass around the room sparkling.

Clean windows keep the heating and air conditioning systems in climate-controlled buildings working efficiently based on normal thermostat settings. Windows on newer high-rise buildings are designed to allow enough sunlight in for a better workspace and a magnificent view.

Residents of multi-use buildings and high-rise condos want to look out from clean windows. Many residents of these popular buildings purchased their apartments, so they could have a spectacular view of the city and the rivers all year.

Professional Interior Window Cleaning Methods that Will Last

Interior window washing in Ottawa buildings includes all entry-level and decorative glass. The composite materials used in clear doors and windows at street level are carefully cleaned to remove finger smudges along with other dirt and grime inside and outside. Glass partitions are carefully cleaned in all buildings. Offices and residential units may have interior glass doors that also require washing.

In providing leading solutions in the cleaning industry, GDI ensures long-term relationships with our clients. Their success is our success.

Contact us for a free estimate for our rigorous window washing in Ottawa.