Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Ottawa

Dirty carpets are not only an eyesore, but they are also a health hazard. Dirty carpets go beyond discolouration and stains; they create an unsanitary environment by exposing everyone to bacteria, dust, mites, and mould deep within the carpet fibres. In the workplace, this is a recipe for allergies, asthma, and even skin irritations.

Carpets hold onto dirt, spills, and dust, and can be difficult to clean thoroughly without specialized equipment. The solution is a thorough cleanse of all the carpeted areas. While there are many companies who clean carpets, most only deal with the dirt visible on the surface. As professional carpet cleaners, GDI is committed to thorough cleaning and practices the highest standards of sanitation.

Ensure the longevity of your carpets by signing up for professional carpet cleaning services administered by our IICRC-certified technicians.

Carpet Maintenance Program Process

GDI has many solutions for restoring carpeting to its original clean, dirt-free state. It all begins with a site visit to evaluate the carpets and develop a plan of action that also includes a maintenance program to meet each customer’s individual needs. We work within your budget and apply tested methods for your carpet fabrics. Here is a sample of our professional carpet cleaning methods in Ottawa:

  • Encapsulation. This method utilizes the most recent breakthroughs in the cleaning industry. Crystallizing polymers surround, enclose, and dissolve dirt and grime from deep within your carpet. The result is a superior clean that prolongs the life of any carpet.
  • Hot water extraction. Extraction offers effective deep cleaning to lift and remove dirt, mites, bacteria, and all manner of contaminants; this method uses a special Truck Mount System and is especially effective for larger carpeted areas. An added bonus is a considerably shorter drying period that lets you get back to business in no time.
  • Area rugs and Persian carpets. We use specialized care and cleaning methods that deliver a deep clean treatment for smaller rugs and precious Persian rugs.
  • Steam cleaning. Occasional steam cleaning can be the lifeblood of any carpet. It restores fibers to their original lustre.
  • Upholstery cleaning. We use industrial steam cleaning methods for couches, office chairs, and accent pillows that guarantee long-term results and a longer life.

Benefits for Our Clients

The benefits of having carpets and rugs professionally cleaned go beyond extending their lives. For one, the cleanliness of your building bodes well for your industry. Instead of visitors and prospective clients seeing your dingy carpeting in your waiting room, they’ll feel welcome right from the front door. GDI Ottawa can service your carpets year-round.

The health of your employees in the workplace is equally important. With efficient carpet cleaning, it has been proven that employees will:

  • Have fewer headaches
  • Sneeze less
  • Have fewer respiratory issues, like asthma
  • Have reduced skin irritations

In the long run, employees will be taking fewer sick days and remain more productive while at work. That is a win-win situation.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Ottawa

While regular vacuuming is a must, a professional carpet cleaning is essential. Your commercial property’s appearance speaks volumes and the health of employees is on the line. The pros at GDI are ready to work with you to ensure that your carpets convey cleanliness as well as safety.

Strengthen your business today with GDI’s carpet cleaning in Ottawa.