Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning Services in Ottawa

If you’ve done a thorough cleanse of your entire building, but it still doesn’t “feel” clean, consider getting air duct cleaning services in Ottawa. An HVAC system that isn’t regularly serviced can become a breeding ground for mould and fungus with the combination of high humidity, dust, and debris.

GDI’s air duct cleaning will solve this problem and prevent health hazards. A good air duct cleaning service for Ottawa’s buildings will tackle microbial contamination within your system, removing and preventing the spread of spores that will affect people’s health. GDI Integrated Facility Services is a name with over 90 years of experience behind and as a result, understands the inner workings of buildings and how one area can affect many others. We use powerful yet gentle cleaning products to sanitize every component of your HVAC system, ensuring its longevity and improving the air quality within your building.

Start using our customized air duct cleaning services in your Ottawa building to prevent Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Committed to Total Building Cleanliness

A grimy HVAC system not only deteriorates the air quality in your building, but it also poses a health risk to any living and breathing creature, causing hazardous side effects, such as wheezing, chest pain, and even lung damage. Dust, mould, and dirt particles that are not inhaled will land on furniture and become embedded within fibres.

Our HVAC cleaning regime provides the following benefits:

  • Restores peak energy efficiency
  • Eliminates offensive odours
  • Purifies air quality and environment
  • Reduces potential mould growth, airborne dust, and debris

GDI Integrated Facility Services offers a full-scope service to ensure total building cleanliness. We take pride in promoting health and sanitation solutions for Ottawa’s commercial sector to succeed and maintain a hygienic environment.

Start breathing easier, and improve your business’ air quality with our air duct cleaning services in Ottawa.