Restaurant Cleaning

Just because your business specializes in food, it doesn’t mean your establishment has to be a hot mess. GDI Integrated Facility Services is ready to partner with you to maintain your business’ renowned reputation and to welcome new and returning customers with a spectacularly sanitized ambiance. Whether your running a pub, a Mom-and-Pop diner, or a five-star restaurant, GDI’s services are adaptable with trained staff.

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Kitchen Cleaning

At closing time, GDI will step in to give your kitchen a thorough cleanse that will leave it sparkling and ready for the next day. We use eco-friendly products that effectively remove grease, bacteria, and baked-on food remnants without damaging your appliances, tools, or workspaces. With over 90 years of experience in the commercial cleaning field, GDI knows how to ensure your kitchen passes an inspection with flying colours.

When you start your program with GDI, we’ll send one of our technicians who will evaluate your needs on-site and design our services to fit your budget.

Scullery Services

Grunt work is necessary for a clean and safe space, so our scullery service crews wait on and wipe down tables, remove used dishes, mop floors, vacuum, clean mats, and more. We tidy up from top to bottom in preparation for the next day.

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