Post-Construction Cleaning Services in New Brunswick

GDI is a leader across North America that proudly welcomes new customers seeking post-construction cleaning in New Brunswick. With nearly 100 years of experience under our belts, we have friendly, certified team members in Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John. They are prepared to visit your construction sites, execute a variety of cleaning tasks, and ensure that the site satisfies municipal bylaws. Our belief in public safety is strong and goes hand-in-hand with training our technicians to clean each job site without getting hurt. Trust all cleanup crews to handle everything at your construction location and to rotate their shifts around your project’s deadlines.

Avoid worksite delays and prevent visitors and workers from sustaining injuries with our post-construction cleanup solutions.

Dusting and Rubbish Removal

Count on a vastly experienced cleanup company to handle your construction site’s largest headache: removing waste. With attention to detail and efficiency, our expert cleaners will collect and remove:

  • Building scraps

  • Dust and sawdust

  • Concrete pieces

  • Wood remnants

  • Hazardous materials

  • Metal objects (nails, wire, piping)

Our cleaning crews are dedicated to performing precise trash removal in each area of a construction site. They want to help your builders move to the next stage of the project. Your engineers, contractors, and labourers will feel safer after our post-construction cleanup in Fredericton is complete. We remove pollutants that might harm the environment and make it so your workers can be more productive in a clean setting. The dusting component of our customized cleaning program includes all doors, windows, floors, walls, furniture, and visible surfaces.

Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

After finishing trash and dust removal, we focus on the floors in each building, eliminating that layer of grime that builds up over weeks of debris blowing around the site. We wash floors and wax them to a perfect shine. Trust our cleaners to select the best methods for cleaning all types of flooring. It doesn’t matter if your site has ceramic, concrete, wood, tile, or other floor types. Because of the debris-producing tasks on a typical job site, each floor deserves special cleaning. Trust our dedicated workers to complete all vacuuming, sweeping, and washing to a level that will satisfy the toughest building supervisor.

Millwork Cleaning

Not all areas on a work site are separated during millwork, which allows the wind to scatter wood debris and millwork remnants all over the place, including on neighbouring lots. You don’t want site workers or neighbours to complain about the rubbish. We will ensure that all structures and landscapes are cleared of this debris. GDI’s post-construction cleaning in Moncton picks up wood scraps, sawdust, and other wood-related refuse. Because we strive to protect the natural surroundings, we will only apply eco-friendly products and cleaning methods.

Wall, Ceiling, and Door Cleaning

When a renovation or construction project concludes, trust our cleaners to prepare all indoor spaces for decorators and furniture assemblers. We will not permit any dust, dirt, or microorganisms to remain in the air before the new residents come to inspect the building. We will deeply clean every surface, leaving nothing to chance. Trust that all walls, ceilings, doors, floors, and corners will be inspected and cleaned. With such thorough cleaning, it won’t look like the building crews just left the site.

Parking Areas

In dense metropolitan areas, consumers are willing to pay a premium to park near their job or their residence. We will carefully investigate every corner of your garage or parking lot and remove all debris and contaminants. This standardized cleaning process ensures that pedestrians will be safe while walking on your property and that cars will not sustain flat tires or other damages when parked in your facility. Because our cleaners want you to be satisfied, expect that no details will be missed.

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