Pest Excrement Cleaning

GDI Integrated Facility Services handles interior and exterior pest excrement cleaning. When a pest is present in the office or a hotel, it throws everyone into a tizzy. From animal fears to health concerns, people should always let the professionals handle these types of situations no matter where they are. Professionals, like GDI, are equipped with specialized equipment and are knowledgeable of safety protocols that will ensure their safety and health, as well as that of the building’s occupants.

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Why Pest Excrement Cleaning Is Important

We clean up after many types of pests, including birds, bats, squirrels, and mice. Notably, birds have a negative impact on a building. If they are allowed to roost, the high acidity in their droppings will cause damage to various areas including:

  • The roof

  • The HVAC system

  • Exterior materials

    • Paint

    • Wood

Birds are notorious carries of ectoparasites, which include lice and bed bugs. Similarly, bats also carry ectoparasites and their droppings—called guano—is toxic when inhaled. It can lead to histoplasmosis, blindness, and even death. Depending on the animal, the excrement of pests can also spread transmittable diseases, such as E. coli and Salmonella.

Pest excrement cleaning is a dirty job, so always trust the company that has over 90 years of experience in cleaning and safety. When the pest is safety removed, GDI Integrated Facility Services will come in and thoroughly sanitize the suspected areas to prevent any harm to employees, clients, and visitors. Our staff is trained to perform specialty services and to deliver superior results for any type of building.

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