Parking Lot Cleaning and Line Painting

GDI Integrated Facility Services will help you maintain the integrity of your parking lot with cleaning and line painting services. Because we value safety and sanitation, our trained professionals are capable of handling a wide assortment of tasks with a keen eye. We will optimize your space with strategic layouts while removing all hazards for the safety of cars and pedestrians.

Restore prestige to your parking lot with our cleaning and line painting services that will benefit your business and clients.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Whether you have a parking lot for your employees or for your residents, GDI provides four-season cleaning. Our staff will remove all rubbish and contaminants throughout the spring, summer, and autumn, and add snow removal for the winter. Parking lots can be dangerous when hazards, such as ice and construction materials, are present. For optimal security, GDI will promptly add sand or salt to any ice patches and properly dispose of discarded materials.

Line Painting

GDI knows that your parking lot sees a high volume of action each day, so we’re happy to bring it back from its faded existence. Line painting will improve the flow and coordination of daily drivers and increase its level of safety for pedestrians. With specialized equipment, our technicians will repaint your lines and symbols to ensure that drivers and pedestrians understand where entrances and exists are, as well as which sections are reserved.

GDI Integrated Facility Services is a trusted name in the cleaning industry, so get in touch with us today to customize your parking lot program.