Event Support Services in New Brunswick

Our GDI event staff for New Brunswick knows that meeting the public’s needs at a large event is a constant challenge. People love to complain when anything goes wrong, and, therefore, the event organizers must plan for everyone’s comfort and safety. At GDI, we want to simplify the issues that you will oversee by handling many aspects of your upcoming event. Our full-service event staff sets up and breaks down all equipment, monitors every area for guest satisfaction and security, and ensures all support operations are well-stocked and completely cleaned. Trust GDI Integrated Facility Services to prevent accidents and other problems from happening through extensive planning and vigilance. Our teamwork approach will ensure that your company relies on our event personnel at the next opportunity!

Trust the experts at GDI for complete event setup services that are professionally executed through teamwork and attention to detail with around-the-clock supervision.

What We Can Do

Prior to the Event:

  • Overall pre-event check

  • Equipment setup services

  • Full review of area cleanliness

  • Support employee and management deployment (equipment operators, technicians, etc.)

  • Logistical services and loading dock support

Throughout the Event:

  • Logistical and operational support

  • Continuous monitoring, including sanitary installations

  • Waste management

Following the Event:

  • Full-facility cleaning

  • Waste sorting

  • Equipment disassembly support

  • Furniture storage

Sports Complexes and Facilities

We can easily augment our resources to meet your requirements for each large event. In a huge arena or stadium, communication and crowd control are our top priorities. It’s no problem to assign more highly trained GDI workers to manage your guests. We will also clean the floors, remove spills and debris, and handle other safety hazards. Our focus is always on the details of the job. Our collaborative approach guarantees that your employees will be free to do their jobs. Trust GDI event support in Saint John to accommodate guests and to respond to their special requests. Your total satisfaction with our event division is a must!

Outdoor Sites

Outdoor event locations will create obstacles for event staff if the weather conditions turn sour. This is not something your guests will appreciate, especially when they desire a positive experience. Our GDI event division will effectively plan and execute the level of event support required, so all equipment is handled safely, and enough workers are monitoring the guests. Ample preparation eliminates many problems during the event. Rest assured that the cleaning solutions that our workers use at every site are eco-friendly and will be applied in appropriate ways to protect the outdoors. Our GDI cleaners work systematically to clean each zone, creating a comfortable environment for festivals, parties, concerts, and shows. While the event is in full swing, we keep guests from clogging public areas and walkways, which protects patrons with special needs and ensures easy access for first responders.

Through various strategies for outdoor event management, GDI guarantees all rubbish will make it into the proper containers for disposal.

Corporate Events

GDI is pleased to help your Fredericton company celebrate special occasions with carefully orchestrated corporate parties. We can arrange for entertainment and special menus, as well as for emergency personnel to be on hand. We also provide help at conferences and trade shows. Every GDI employee will dress nicely for your event and treat your guests with care that’s guaranteed to exceed their expectations.

Book our event support services in New Brunswick with a GDI expert today!