Condominium Cleaning Services in New Brunswick

GDI’s condominium cleaning services in New Brunswick are the answers to keeping your establishment running efficiently. Maintaining the health and safety of your occupants, their pets and guests, as well as visitors is our mission. Our cleaning and repair teams are here to provide support and to show your board members that you care. We can design a customized cleaning program to clean according to your preferences and make building repairs when needed. This will maintain and improve your building’s value and structural integrity while keeping residents happy.

Work with our company whose reputation is almost a century old with the wisdom of best cleaning and maintenance practices for various industries throughout Canada.

Support Services

Condo maintenance is a full-time job, and if you feel there aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything, GDI is here to help with a range of services for New Brunswick. GDI provides Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John condos with all the services they need, so you only need to work with one company.

  • Common area cleaning
  • Handy-Person services
  • Underground power washing
  • Specialty carpet cleaning
  • Apartment cleaning
  • Fixture replacement services


Common Area Cleaning Services

Entry lobbies, recreation rooms, and meeting facilities must be kept clean for the health and safety of residents. All residents, their guests, and potential residents use these areas, and they expect them to be spotless, in good condition, and comfortable.

Our common area services include:

  • Extensive vacuuming and dusting
  • Carpet and floor cleaning
  • Spot cleaning and stain removal
  • Sanitation
  • Repairs

Our team will vacuum and clean carpets, walk-off mats, community kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and other areas. Hard-surface floors must also be cleaned and maintained. We clean any areas where spills and other soiling is evident.

All common areas should be free of dirt and bacteria. Foyers and lobbies along with indoor recreational rooms that are clean add to the value of the building. Community kitchens and bathrooms must be sanitized and kept clean on a daily basis.

Handy-Person Services

We know the frustrations of condo residents waiting around for needed repairs, so our programs include:

  • Light fixture replacements
  • Small mechanical repairs
  • Light plumbing repairs
  • Installations

Lighting in public areas is necessary for the safety and security of all residents, young or old. Our team will replace light fixtures and bulbs in all public areas, including parking lots, underground garages, recreational facilities, and hallways. We have the equipment and skilled people who know how to reach exterior lighting at high levels on buildings with minimal risk.

Elevators and stairways must also be maintained for the safety of residents. We take care of unresponsive automatic doors and leaky pipes when necessary. We also check and maintain the exterior and common area smoke alarms. Our handy personnel do a sweep of your facility to catch any potential and unreported problems to ensure your condo is running smoothly.

Underground Power Washing

The pavement in underground parking areas can become slick with oil stains and covered with bacteria and other debris. We power wash to remove stains and debris from surfaces. Our GDI professionals use sustainable power washing to clean the ground, leaving a polished look to the surface. This is important for the safety of residents because it prevents slip-and-falls and other serious injuries that could have a negative impact on your condo’s reputation.

Our condo cleaning services in Moncton are thorough. Our staff can provide you with tips and suggestions on how to keep public areas clean, including outdoor recreational facilities and parking areas. Using our services demonstrates respect for residents and their vehicles along with the property. All parking areas must be kept clean and free of debris and hazards, including ice and snow. This includes open and covered parking areas used by residents.


Specialty Carpet Cleaning (Vacuuming, Area Rugs, Entrance Mats, etc.)

Our special carpet cleaning service in Saint John cleans deep into the fibres of carpets, giving them a new and refreshed look. Our eco-friendly products and methods remove deep stains from pets and spills on your carpets and mats. Keep in mind that carpets should also be cleaned after a resident moves out and a new owner or renter moves into the unit.
We service the areas of Moncton, Fredericton, and Saint John in New Brunswick, so start your condo cleaning service program today.