Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in New Brunswick

Through expert carpet cleaning in New Brunswick, the GDI team will bring a new level of cleanliness to your company’s rugs and carpets. We know that they are typically dirty and discoloured due to the high foot traffic of guests, clients, staff, and deliveries you receive on a daily basis. What’s more, dingy and smelly carpets present a health hazard, which constitutes a good reason to refresh them. Fortunately, we offer a comprehensive maintenance program with a variety of options for well-worn carpets and upholstered surfaces in Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John. Our New Brunswick technicians are glad to visit your business location and design the program that will meet your budget while prolonging each carpet’s lifetime.

Sign up for regular carpet cleaning services administered by our IICRC-certified personnel, and you will safeguard your carpets against the everyday wear-and-tear common to every public and private facility.

Our IICRC-certified carpet cleaners start with visiting your business and assessing your company’s needs. No matter what your budget is, we provide the level of service that will keep carpets fresh and clean. We guarantee superior results as the leading carpet cleaning company in New Brunswick. At GDI, we bring over 90 years of experience and time-tested methods to every job. Our services are perfect for upholstery, area rugs, and carpets of every size and texture.

Explore this list of optional carpet cleaning techniques in every Carpet Maintenance Program:

  • Encapsulation. With this cutting-edge chemical process, our team employs crystallizing polymers to surround, encapsulate, and dissolve the deeply entrenched dirt and dust in each carpet. This process extends the life of the most weather-beaten rugs and carpets.
  • Hot water extraction. Our special Truck Mount System produces a high-pressure form of heat that quickly eliminates dust mites, microbes, dirt, and other material from any carpet surface. This option is ideal for large spaces, especially because it features a rapid drying process.
  • Area rug cleaning. Our technicians target ugly stains and debris in area rugs and Persian carpets around your facility.
  • Steam cleaning. Your business will benefit from this occasional deep cleaning that makes the finest carpet fibres come to life.
  • Upholstery and couch cleaning. Our industrial steam cleaning methods remove the toughest spills and odours from furniture and upholstered surfaces.

Benefits to Our Valued Customers

GDI cares about your reputation in the community, which is why we provide your employees with a safe and healthy workplace. Whether you’re a lawyer in Fredericton, a condo owner in Moncton, or a start-up company in Saint John, GDI delivers the same results:

  • The removal of bacteria, dust, pests, and other allergens from carpets
  • Improved air quality throughout your building that lets employees breathe easily
  • A productive workforce that calls in sick less often and achieves more during the workday
  • Longer-lasting carpets and upholstery that postpone replacement costs

Food, drink, and miscellaneous spills are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean your carpets and reputation have to be stained indefinitely because of them. To show how much you value your business environment, let us keep all carpets in premium condition, just like when they were originally installed.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in New Brunswick

The deep cleaning process is the only way to protect business carpets and upholstery. Because we have the best reputation in the industry for expert cleaning services, we will design a complete program for your organization that keeps all carpets smelling fresh and looking stain-free. Your clients and staff will appreciate our attention to detail as we do the tough job of removing dirt and contaminants.

For more information on our carpet cleaning services in New Brunswick, contact your local GDI branch today!