Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning Services in New Brunswick

The HVAC system is one of your business’ hardest working machines. Because it’s responsible for the building’s ventilation, as well as heating and cooling, it’s imperative to establish a regular schedule for routine maintenance and cleaning.

GDI’s certified air duct cleaning services throughout New Brunswick remove the microbial contaminants that accumulate in your system’s filters. By removing the buildup on a regular basis, we eliminate the spread of mould spores and other allergens that can adversely affect you and your employees’ health.

Keeping your building’s ventilation system free from contaminants is an effective way to avoid Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Ill health attributed to a building’s airborne contaminants compounds your employees’ absenteeism and diminishes productivity. Poor air quality creates an occupational hazard that adversely affects the health and wellbeing of you and your staff.

Establish a clean and healthy professional environment by maintaining regular air duct cleaning in Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John.

In addition to preventing health risks, routine HVAC system maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs and replacements. The dust and debris collected in the HVAC’s filter continues to build up without proper cleaning, which creates more work for it to function. Cleaning the air duct system is one way to add to the system’s longevity.

GDI’s Commitment to Your Building’s Cleanliness

There are many benefits associated with a regular HVAC system cleaning and maintenance schedule. Some of the most notable are:

  • Restoring the system’s peak energy efficiency
  • Eliminating offensive odours
  • Purifying air quality and environment
  • Reducing potential airborne dust, debris, and mould growth

With nearly 100 years of experience, GDI has established itself as a leader in the cleaning industry. Each of the system’s components is meticulously cleaned and sanitized with eco-friendly products and practices.

Our years of service have afforded us with unique insight into the dynamics of a building’s health. Because the structure’s areas are interconnected, each space has an impact on the others. Your building’s air is circulated throughout the entire environment, and its quality affects everyone and everything that breathes it.

GDI Integrated Facility Services delivers a full range of cleaning services throughout New Brunswick to ensure your building’s health and cleanliness is optimized. Our number-one priority is to reduce the effects that mould particles and dust buildup has on your lungs.

You also want to present a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, clients, and staff to enjoy, whether you’re in Fredericton, Moncton, or Saint John. Without routine air duct cleaning, dust is circulated throughout your facility. It lands on carpeting and furniture where it is absorbed into the fibres, prematurely eroding the material.

One way you can contribute to the success of your commercial environment is to create a hygienic atmosphere by adhering to your HVAC system’s prescribed sanitation solutions. Each system outlines best practices for getting the most out of your unit. In turn, you create a healthy setting that’s enjoyed by all.

We can make suggestions for improving the air quality of your structure and work with you to create a custom cleaning and maintenance package that’s designed to meet your specific requirements.

Contact one of GDI’s air duct cleaning specialists in New Brunswick today to schedule an appointment.