Hotel Support Services in Montreal

GDI’s hotel support services in Montreal maintain your reputation, whether you run a nation-wide hospitality chain, a single motel, or a comfy out-of-the-way inn. GDI’s hotel cleaning staff is experienced and proactive when it comes to tending to your guests. We provide only the best methods to handle tasks at all levels of hotel support services.

Give your guests five-star treatment with the help of our hotel cleaning services in Montreal by choosing your customized program today.

What We Can Do

Our hotel housekeeping agency in Montreal provides the following:

  • Room attendant. Our room attendants set the scene with room service, turndown service, and more to meet the needs of every client.
  • Our dependable and bondable cleaning staff prepare your home away from home by changing linens, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, and going the extra mile.
  • GDI’s supervisors handle a variety of tasks, including overseeing staff responsibilities and coordinating tasks, so everything is completed on time.
  • Public and service area cleaning. With the cleaning methods of GDI crews, common service areas are spotless and ready for guests and visitors.
  • Rooms division staff, including:
    • Front desk attendant. From answering phone calls to updating records to providing exceptional customer service, our friendly front desk attendants are ready, willing, and able to assist hotel staff and guests.
    • Valet parking. Our GDI valet parking staff is the perfect first point of contact, welcoming guests and safely parking their cars, so guests have peace of mind.
    • Guests’ needs are surpassed by our concierge service in Montreal hotels. This service is designed tomake everyone’s stay a memorable experience with all of the details organized, including restaurant reservations and itinerary assistance.
  • General maintenance. We handle the little problems around your establishment, such as light repairs and broken appliances, to ensure everything is running smoothly while providing guests with top-quality service. Disaster prevention is a priority with GDI staff.
  • Laundromat support. With our premium laundry services, guests don’t need to worry about wearing the same piece of clothing twice or if their delicate fabrics will survive. GDI staff members employ the utmost care in laundromat support services.

Hotel Housekeeping the Way It Is Meant to Be Done

As the trusted name among Montreal hotels, motels, and inns, GDI Integrated Facility Services is a leader in cleaning services. We train staff to be fast and efficient, courteous to hotel staff and guests, and above all, proactive in task management. Hotel housekeeping in Montreal is done right when our cleaning crews are at the forefront, ensuring that your hotel is shipshape, and your guests are having a wonderful time. With GDI’s assistance, we prepare fully customized cleaning programs suitable for your hotel’s requirements. However, one aspect of our programs remains the same across the board: our hotel cleaning in Montreal meets five-star expectations every time.

Additional Services

  • Human resources management (including hiring and payroll). By letting GDI handle behind-the-scenes tasks, such as hiring, scheduling, training, and payroll, delegating responsibilities is simplified.
  • Development of operational procedures and standards. Benefit from a streamlined service with our designingand drafting of standard operating procedures for all aspects of hotel cleaning services.
  • Superior staff training. GDI trains staff members, including housekeepers, concierges, and room attendants, with the best tools and resources in the industry.
  • ISO quality control. GDI harmonizes the housekeeping process by using leading-edge software.

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