Event Support Service in Montreal

Whether you’re hosting a concert at the likes of the Bell Centre or a fundraiser on a local high school soccer field, GDI Integrated Facility Services will be there to make sure your event is a great success! Our Montreal event support staff ensures your venue is safe, clean, and free of hazards from set-up to tear-down. Before your event even begins, our Montreal staff members are on-site setting up and reviewing the logistics with your event coordinator. Our thoroughness guarantees your concert, food festival, sports game, or trade show exceeds your event committee’s expectations.

Looking for a reliable, hands-on cleaning, maintenance, and logistics team to ensure the success of your Montreal event? Get in touch with GDI Integrated Facility Services today.

What We Can Do


  • Pre-event checks
  • Assistance with equipment set-up
  • Thorough area cleanliness assessment
  • Support employee deployment (equipment operators, technicians, etc.)
  • Loading dock support and other logistical services


  • Continuous waste management, monitoring, and sanitary installations
  • Safety hazard removal
  • Operational and logistic support


  • Thorough facility cleaning
  • Waste sorting and removal
  • Equipment tear-down assistance
  • Furniture and equipment storage

Sports Complexes & Facilities

GDI event support staff in Montreal ensures that all the action happens on the ice or the field by keeping aisles, bathrooms, and common areas clean, swept, and free of waste. You can rely on our staff at any time during the event to maintain your high quality of cleaning standards and to encourage guests to return again and again. With our commercial-grade cleaning technology, we ensure that your Montreal sports complex is positively sparkling from top to bottom.

As event support specialists, our job is to make every guest feel like a VIP by taking care of sanitation and health issues, so your employees can focus on making the rest of the experience just as enjoyable. Your guests shouldn’t have to face dirty toilets, overflowing garbage bins, or slippery soda spills. Maintaining your stadium’s cleanliness boosts your customers’ experience and maintains your facility’s reputation.

Outdoor Sites

Nothing is more important than making sure your outdoor venue is completely safe and sanitized. It’s also important not to negatively impact the environment, especially in the case of historic sites, open fields, and bodies of water. Before the start of your event, GDI’s team will do a thorough site survey and inventory of your outdoor space, so that after tear-down, we can guarantee the site is left exactly how you found it. Using eco-friendly sanitation practices, our team diligently removes waste and, if applicable, pays special attention to the cleanliness and supply needs of portable toilets.

Outdoor events can produce a lot of litter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wild concert or a medieval fair, your patrons will likely toss their litter on the ground if there isn’t a waste bin within reach. Our services mitigate this problem by maintaining constant on-site sanitation services that make sure waste never builds up or gets out of control. Regular maintenance not only improves the look of your event site, but it also makes for a faster tear-down and cleanup. When the event is over, our staff will gladly help your team remove music stages, furniture, or props.

Corporate Events

Our Montreal services give your company’s event the support it needs to make sure your fundraiser, party, or summit exceeds everyone’s expectations. Our event support services perform many pre-event functions, from loading and stocking to organizing and preparing for your corporate function. During the event, we take care of the cleaning, waste removal, and general cleanup, leaving your guests to celebrate in an environment of constant cleanliness. Whether it’s a holiday party or a global conference, GDI’s Montreal event support staff will deliver the professional services your company needs and deserves.

GDI’s Montreal event support services guarantee your guests will be in awe of your sports venue’s cleanliness and organization.

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