With its commitment to maintain competitive pricing, GDI has developed its own software: GDCalc.

GDCalc generates cleaning analyses by taking into account tasks to be done and their frequencies as well as the nature and area of rooms, therefore providing cleaning operational costs for any given facility. Other data is also taken into account to produce a relevant and consistent analysis.

GDCalc GDcalc is composed of three modules: Analysis, Buildings and Prototypes


The Analysis module calculates cleaning tasks and operational costs, and provides the required documentation. Clients may participate in their proposal evaluation. It is also possible to analyse data from several proposals.


The Buildings module contains all the relevant information pertaining to the building required for tender.


The Prototypes module contains GDI’s knowledge and skills. Data included in this module allows for the creation of a customized proposal for any given facility. Know-how, experience, expertise and competitive pricing: That is what GDI offers to the North American Market.