Experience true hospitality service.

Your guests trust your hotel or resort to be their home away from home, so it’s imperative that you provide the highest level of comfort, satisfaction, prompt service and extraordinary cleanliness to every guest, every day. GDI can help with that. We provide janitorial, sanitation, disinfection, sterilization and spring cleaning services designed to maintain ISO quality standards.

No surface is too complex. We can dust high spaces, clean windows and light fixtures and clean furniture and upholstery as required. We can even vacuum, strip, polish and wax your hotel’s floors to keep them looking new, and we offer general maintenance services to keep your facility in top condition.

Our hotel services don’t stop at cleaning.

We can do the following.

  • Provide qualified, trustworthy staff for many different positions, even on short notice
  • Manage your personnel as needed to keep client service operations running smoothly
  • Supervise your reception team, housekeeping staff, day porters and valets to ensure your support staff are working together to create a positive guest experience
  • Manage your human resources needs, including hiring and training staff
  • Help manage your team’s salary, labor relations and employee health and safety needs

Holding events at your venue? The GDI team can provide special cleaning in advance to ensure the facility makes a good impression. Need a little extra help making the event a success? We can manage or provide support for your event from start to finish, including everything from equipment setup and takedown to logistical and operational support to waste management.