Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Halifax

Window cleaning in Halifax requires skill and experience to professionally clean exterior windows without leaving residue or streaks. GDI Integrated Facility Services has many years of experience in commercial window cleaning in Halifax. No matter what your building’s window cleaning necessities are, we have the experience to make your exterior sparkle and shine.

Learn how you can fully benefit from our cleaning services by joining one of our commercial window cleaning programs now before your clients drop in.

What We Can Do

  • Partition Glass Cleaning. Brighten up your interiors and create a clean and polished look with GDI’s professional interior glass and partition cleaning.
  • Window Frame Cleaning. A window washing is only complete when every speck of dirt, dust, and cobweb is removed from window frames. We make windows look brand-new and welcoming.
  • Intensive Safety Protocols. The safety of our staff is our number-one priority, which is why we have such high safety protocols. We don’t start any job we aren’t 100% sure is safe.
  • Job Hazard Analysis. Calculating risk is the first step towards safe window cleaning methods.

Professional Interior Window Cleaning Methods that Will Last

Cleaning the exterior side of your building is only half the battle. Our window cleaning in Halifax includes superior quality and speedy interior window cleaning on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Window cleaning includes partitions and all other glass surfaces.

If you want your building to sparkle from the inside out, contact GDI today to discuss your window washing needs.