GDI Welcomes Ainsworth to the Family!

Posted on: February 28, 2016

GDI Welcomes Ainsworth to the Family

We are proud to announce a milestone event in the history of two great companies. GDI Integrated Facility Services joined forces with Ainsworth Inc. on November 11, 2015 to substantially enhance our service offerings, market position and most importantly – the value proposition to our clients.

GDI is the largest and the leading provider of essential “soft” facility services in Canada. Soft services include (but are not limited to) commercial janitorial, disinfection and sterilization, carpet cleaning, floor stripping and light building maintenance.

Ainsworth is one of the largest Canadian-owned providers of essential “hard” facility services, which include the service, installation and maintenance of a facility’s HVAC, refrigeration, mechanical and electrical systems and equipment.

This was a natural fit as both GDI and Ainsworth have dedicated team members who are proud of the work they do and share a culture of consistently providing clients with high-quality service.

The Ainsworth name will remain in place, with both companies working together as partners, colleagues and friends.

Our leadership teams are collaborating to identify what we can do together to offer our clients the best, most comprehensive and customizable facility maintenance services at the best price.
Poster Of Ainsworth And GDI