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Services we offer in Calgary and surrounding areas

Beautiful, healthy buildings and facilities: expert cleaning services for your success

FR Since 1926, we’ve built a reputation for delivering quality results. Our team works tirelessly to keep your building environments hygienic and attractive, offering a wide range of commercial cleaning services to match your needs. Your facility deserves to shine, and our specialists are trained using the right equipment to provide you with premium cleaning services. By opting for a customized package from GDI, it will allow you to win over potential clients, strengthen your reputation, and increase your employees’ production.

We are proud to provide janitorial services to Calgary and the following areas in Southern Alberta:

FR Enjoy a clear view with quality window washing in Calgary

A crisp view of the Rockies? The Calgary tower? We can help you get the most and see
the most out of your facility. From high-rise window cleaning on the 42nd floor to indoor
window washing, Calgary buildings shine inside and out with help from our trusted

Outdoor maintenance services as flexible as the weather

You know that winter means needing Calgary snow removal services, but spring, fall and even summer might receive the occasional snowstorm. Whether you need a pressure washer in Calgary, concrete refinishing, or parkade cleaning when the weather finally clears up, our experienced team can help. GDI also offers line painting in Calgary to help with the wear and tear that comes after a harsh season.

Commercial cleaning services in Calgary: for a healthier business

We provide services for infectious disease control and hospital-grade disinfection, allowing you to have peace of mind. Our cleaning processes involve the utilization of microfiber technology in all cloth and mopping applications, enhancing containment and removal. Additionally, strict color-coded procedures are employed to prevent any potential cross-contamination. Our team of experts utilize high-efficiency vacuuming and dusting technology featuring HEPA multi-filtration, along with offering comprehensive pandemic contingency planning, air duct cleaning, reusable and easily cleanable filters, guidelines for reducing operational costs to fit your budget, and more. Rest assured, we surpass compliance and auditing requirements, alleviating concerns about your facility’s regulatory adherence. We also provide online tracking, training, and documentation systems that are cloud-based, secure, effective, and easy to use.

Meet your local experts from our Calgary Team

Peter Pawluk

Vice President Southern Alberta

Derrick Gaynor

Business Development Manager

Karen Thibault

Accounting Manager

Jolene Stapelberg

Executive Administrator Western Canada, Office Manager Calgary

Meet your regional experts from our Calgary Team

Fred Edwards

Chief Marketing Officer & President, Western Canada

Hayley Lillico

Senior Vice President, Western Canada

Darcy Patrie

Vice President of Sales, Western Canada

Kara House

Director of Health & Safety, Western Canada

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