It’s a well-known fact that hospitals, clinics, and other care facilities are home to many infections, making it critical that medical environments are clean, disinfected and sanitized at all times. Whatever your facility, whatever your needs, we can ensure the safety of your space, from medical laboratories and patient rooms to reception areas and operating, surgical and emergency rooms.

We do our utmost to keep people safe in medical environments by providing the most thorough, advanced and scientifically validated cleaning methods available. Our workers have the training needed to work in these critical spaces, and we can customize a comprehensive cleaning program to your needs to ensure a safe, healthy environment.

We measure and map your operating procedures using software designed specifically for healthcare environments. We have infectious disease and sterilization protocols in place that are specific to medical environments.

All of our cleaning cloths and mops use microfibre technology to increase matter containment and removal, and our strict colour-coding methodologies prevent cross-contamination. We use HEPA multi-filtration, high-efficiency vacuums and electrostatic dusting to gather as much material as the latest technology allows.

Our team can also provide detailed contingency planning in case of a pandemic.