Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton

GDI Integrated Facility Services provides professional window washing services for all building types in Edmonton, from high-rise corporations to mid-rise start-ups. Our exterior window washing is carried out using the highest safety standards. Our interior window cleaning professionals utilize eco-friendly products that leave your windows sparkling from the inside out.

Exterior commercial window cleaning in Edmonton is a high-risk job that should be handled with the utmost care. The inherent risk involved extends to people below the window washing area, which means our company must be extra vigilant and professional, ensuring to install proper signage and taking all the right measures to secure the area before we start our project. GDI has decades of experience with exterior window washing in Edmonton, Alberta. We thoroughly train all of our window washing staff to safely and efficiently clean your exterior windows, removing dust, cobwebs, grime, and smudges. We leave nothing behind, except a perfect shine.

Learn how you can fully benefit from our cleaning services by joining one of our commercial window cleaning programs now before your clients drop in.

What We Can Do

  • High-rise window cleaning
  • Window frame leaning
  • High-rise exterior window cleaning
  • Partition glass cleaning
  • Job hazard analysis

We are always striving to maintain our position as the industry leader in safety and training. Our decades of experience attest our commitment to this challenging occupation. Our final goal is to ensure every business in Edmonton has sparkling windows.

GDI’s window cleaning technicians want to make sure that you’re always satisfied with your exterior windows. At an on-site visit, we’ll sit down with you to build a window washing maintenance program that suits your building’s cleaning needs and your company’s budget. Our experts are trained to deliver superior results without sacrificing their safety or the safety of others. Whether your windows are just out of reach of a ladder or they’re thirty stories aboveground, we utilize the most effective equipment to maximize our time and efficiency.

Businesses require a more thorough window washing in the spring after heavy winter conditions that leave behind streaks of dust and debris. If you would like to schedule your business’ seasonal window cleaning in Edmonton, do not hesitate to call.

Professional Interior Window Cleaning Methods that Will Last

Total satisfaction of our window cleaning performance involves a thorough cleaning of both sides of your windows. Depending on your needs, we can schedule regular or seasonal interior window and glass surfaces, such as partitions, decorative windows, doors, and other glass surfaces. We work with all budgets and building styles.

Our services are backed by your guaranteed satisfaction. We strive for excellence to promote long-term relationships with our clients by providing superior window washing in Edmonton. Our customer service, industry experience, and thorough commitment to the safety of our community have made us a highly sought-after facility maintenance company for decades.

Contact us today to schedule your window cleaning in Edmonton.