Spring Cleaning in Edmonton

Spring cleaning helps declutter your frequently used spaces and promote a more productive environment. When you think it’s time to clear away the dust and cobwebs, GDI’s spring cleaning specialty service will help re-organize your office, storage areas, laboratories, and any other space that needs refreshing.

Stand back as our GDI team cleanses, sanitizes, and organizes your essential spaces when you choose to have spring cleaning incorporated into your customizable program.

What We Can Do

When we conduct an on-site visit, our staff will review what you need done and where you require our attention. We will also discuss your company’s budget and schedule. Depending on your needs, we can arrange to have your company in our books when you think a spring cleaning will be most beneficial.

Our clients usually opt for the following spring cleaning services:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Air duct and HVAC cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning

Why Spring Cleaning Is Necessary

When you sign up for our services, you and your staff will breathe in clean air, feel motivated, and work more efficiently in a healthy and sanitized environment. Our spring cleaning products are eco-friendly, so they are strong enough to eliminate bacteria, but gentle enough to not aggravate anyone’s allergies or skin. By disinfecting commonly used areas—which primarily consist of keyboards, mice, writing implements, desk phones, doorknobs, and light switches—employees are more productive and aren’t at risk of passing along an illness to their co-workers.

Our GDI cleaning teams can assist you with removing any rubbish you no longer need, such as shredded papers, stained or damaged folders, old magazines, and take-out containers. Our staff is friendly and professional, so if you need organizational tips for your workspace, feel free to speak with them.

Presentation reflects the overall company. Clients, potential clients, and visitors immediately notice the appearance of a business. If your company is dark, messy, and filthy, new or current business opportunities won’t want to partner with you and will take their business elsewhere; they also have the potential of dissuading other people from going to you.

Strengthen your business and maintain a clean work environment by signing up today for a GDI spring cleaning program.