Post Construction Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Construction jobs must adhere to strict timelines in order to stay on schedule. GDI’s post-construction cleaning in Edmonton facilitates an expedient cleanup to help your company move forward with the next stage of site development. GDI Integrated Facility Services delivers comprehensive and effective post-construction cleanup in Edmonton. Our knowledgeable crew comes from various backgrounds in the construction, janitorial, handy-person, and general maintenance industries to deliver a quick cleanup job for your construction sites. They adhere to public safety and any applicable municipal bylaws. Your new neighbours will see our crew as a welcome sight.

Let us handle your messiest projects for superior results that guarantee your project advances without any delays, unnecessary overspending, or accidents.

Dusting and Rubbish Removal

The most important part of our job is cleaning and removing construction mess that has accumulated over the course of the building’s development. It’s inevitable that a job site will leave behind large piles of scraps, wood pieces, hazardous materials, insulation, piping, and glass. Our crew is responsible for dusting and removing rubbish from the job site. We utilize construction waste disposal bins and other industrial methods to efficiently remove the leftovers and give us room to perform a thorough cleaning and dusting. Cleaning the construction area helps prevent the spread of odours, dust, and contaminants into the community.

Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

Our floor cleaning services mainly apply to remodelling and renovation contracts. Are you adding in a second kitchen to accommodate your growing workforce? Are you finally installing recessed lighting in your building’s lobby? No matter what the construction job, it’s likely your floors will have to be stripped, cleaned, and refinished. While construction crews do their best to avoid dents, scrapes, or scratches, accidents happen. The normal wear and tear of construction work can also turn a regularly shiny floor into an unsightly surface. We’ll make sure your floors look and feel as good as new. You won’t even know a construction crew stepped foot into the area.

Millwork Cleaning

Sawdust is so light that it can easily fly into the air and attach itself to all types of surfaces, not to mention someone’s lungs or sinuses. Millwork leaves behind a beautiful aroma, but it comes with a price. Our post-construction cleanup crew works to make your site free of sawdust and other millwork to ensure the air is clean and breathable. People living or working in the surrounding areas will thank you for taking the time to properly dispose of sawdust and any other millwork remnants.

Wall, Ceiling, and Door Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning in Edmonton involves thorough dusting, cleaning, washing, disinfecting, and tidying of all parts of the construction site. Regardless of the size and scale of your project, it’s important that every surface is carefully cleaned to promote better air quality and readiness for the next phase of the project. Our cleaning crew ensures that not a single finishing nail is left on the floor.

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning

Construction crews take up much-needed space in a building’s parking lot or garage. When a construction crew is done, GDI’s post-construction cleanup crew in Edmonton ensures that the area is as clean as it was before the start of the project. We don’t want patrons, guests, employees, or visitors driving over sharp debris or dealing with dust. We make sure to clean, dust, sanitize, and tidy up the affected areas.
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