Professional Corporate Floor Cleaning Company in Edmonton

GDI Integrated Facility Services provides stellar floor cleaning services in Edmonton. We take care of your corporate floors to ensure they’re always looking like new. Our commercial-grade cleaning equipment and professional techniques keep your floors looking cleaner longer while preventing dirt, dust, and pathogens from spreading.

No matter what type of floor surface you have, it should always be properly maintained and clear of dust and debris. Dirty, scuffed floors can significantly alter the appearance of indoor commercial spaces, making your building look shabby and unkempt. After conducting a preliminary site visit, GDI’s professional floor cleaners in Edmonton will sit down with you to develop a floor cleaning maintenance program to address your immediate needs and to schedule ongoing maintenance.

Begin with a customized corporate floor cleaning and maintenance program that will wow clients and welcome staff to your pristine establishment.

Floor Waxing

A waxed floor is not only attractive, but it protects your expensive flooring to make it last much longer. Waxed surfaces also add an attractive shine to hallways, lobbies, and common areas. Is heavy foot traffic making your floors look dull and scuffed? Our floor waxing services in Edmonton reinvigorate these high-traffic areas with regularly scheduled waxing applications that last a long time.

Floor Stripping

Most hard floors need to be stripped before we apply a layer of wax. Waxing floors without first stripping them can trap old wax, grime, and dirt under the wax, which leads to an unattractive and messy finish. Floor stripping removes built-up dirt from floor surfaces, which improves the results of the waxing stage. Our commercial floor cleaning services in Edmonton are designed to make sure your floors are protected at every layer.

Floor Buffing

Our floor buffing service in Edmonton is part of GDI’s high standards of cleanliness. This extends to the state of our clients’ floors. Dull, dark, and dirty floors give the impression that a building is not being well maintained by its occupants. An easy solution is to revitalize the top layer of your floors by “exfoliating” them. This is accomplished by spray buffing your floors with a polishing solution and mechanically buffering the surface to remove surface scum, dirt, and scuff marks. The end result is a pearly finish that showcases the original shine of your waxed floors.


GDI clients who take care of their hardwood, ceramic, and tile flooring end up saving money when they invest in our professional hardwood floor cleaning in Edmonton. If you had the chance to keep your floors for years, wouldn’t you? Shining floors enhance the overall appeal of lobbies, waiting rooms, and other high-traffic areas. Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses the best solutions for all flooring types. Our commercial floor cleaning services in Edmonton include:

• Waxing
• Stripping
• Spray buffing
• Grout and tile cleaning
• Restorative/deep scrub
• Burnishing
• Machine scrubbing
Concrete refinishing

Contact your professional floor cleaners in Edmonton for the most professional and thorough floor maintenance. For a fast response, give us a call.