Contract Staffing

GDI offers all the services that can take care of your facility’s needs in many industries. However, even if you have signed up for a GDI program, but need staff for other services that suddenly arise, GDI is swift in answering your call by contracting a separate staff to solve your problems.

Boost your team’s efficiency with a contract staff that has the skills your facility needs for optimal productivity.

Areas We Serve

Our contract staffing services are flexible with staff that are trained to work with specialized equipment and industry-specific tasks in these areas:

  • Shopping Centres & National Retail Stores. Need help cleaning up for a store opening? GDI’s cleaning teams will make sure you’re ready for the public.
  • Educational Facilities. A sudden mess in the cafeteria or preparations for a one-time school event is no problem for the GDI professionals.
  • Event Support. When you find yourself without enough help serving food or setting up equipment, GDI’s professionals are on the job.
  • Hotels, Motels, and Inns. We can assist with Human Resource duties and welcome guests with front-desk support, valets, room attendants, and more.
  • Condos. Do your residents have unresponsive automatic doors, burnt-out light bulbs, or broken appliances? We’ll send out a handyperson to promptly put these problems right.
  • Food Plants. When a section of your facility becomes contaminated, GDI’s answers your emergency immediately by sending over a team to quarantine the area and protecting the general public’s health.
  • Medical Facilities. GDI is always ready to meet your sanitation needs with colour-coding methodologies to prevent the spread of an infection.

Don’t see your facility here? Contact GDI today to learn more about what our contract staffing can do for you.