Condominium Cleaning Services in Edmonton

GDI Integrated Facility Services works closely with condo boards and building managers to facilitate a thorough condo cleaning in Edmonton through a scheduled maintenance program. Our solutions ensure complete and ongoing resident satisfaction. We uphold the condo or strata’s reputation for cleanliness by providing superior quality cleaning services on a routine basis.

GDI’s condo cleaning services take care of daily dusting, cleaning, and maintenance of all the common areas belonging to a condo property, including the lobby, mail room, underground parking, outdoor areas, hallways, and amenities. Based on your cleaning and maintenance program, our staff ensures that your condo building upholds a high standard of cleanliness by performing various duties throughout the day or when needed.

Provide residents and staff with a healthy and safe establishment by contacting us for a customized cleaning program that covers every nook and cranny for a complete clean.

Services Offered — Condo Cleaning in Edmonton

GDI’s cleaning team provides the following services:

Handy-Person Services

For safety and security reasons, it’s important to have a handy-person close by to answer service requests as quickly as possible. Our uniformed GDI handy-person is an essential addition to a condo cleaning crew in Edmonton, as they can efficiently take care of light repairs, leaks, and malfunctions, such as broken fixtures, and mechanical issues. When you hire an on-site handy-person, your wait time is significantly reduced, as are your number of service requests. Take care of multiple issues in one day to show your residents that their common areas are well maintained. The best part about having an on-site staff member to handle all light repairs is that they know your building inside and out.

Common Area Services

Common places in a condo building include all the amenities that condo residents pay for, so they expect these features to be running smoothly. GDI condo cleaning in Edmonton takes special care to ensure that your billiards room, indoor pool, gym, and theatre are all properly cleaned, tidy, odour-free, and ready to be used and appreciated by the next resident. We handle the cleaning and maintenance of your lobby and front entrance, so guests, residents, and visitors feel welcome.

Underground Power Washing

For many condo buildings, the service area extends below ground to the parking lot where residents expect a certain level of order and cleanliness. Cars are responsible for bringing in dirt, dust, and debris and unless the parking area is routinely maintained, air quality may suffer. The simplest and most effective solution is to power wash these underground areas. GDI staff turns your underground into a pleasant place to be and a clean place to park one’s car.

Specialty Carpet Cleaning (Vacuuming, Area Rugs, Walk Off Mats, etc.)

From rainy spring mud to wintertime slush, condo carpets can quickly become soiled from the outdoor elements. GDI Integrated Facility Services uses eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques to completely remove dust, debris, and contaminants from your common area carpets, leaving them to shine with renewed vitality. No matter what kind of carpeting you have, we will utilize the most appropriate commercial equipment to suit your carpet and budget.
For all of your condo cleaning needs, contact GDI Integrated Facility Services today. We’ll develop a completely personalized maintenance program to suit your building’s needs.
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