Concrete Sealing and Refinishing

Cracks are a deterrent to visitors and potential clients. If you have a driveway, outside lounge area, or a lobby floor that’s made of concrete, GDI can help you ensure its longevity with concrete sealing and refinishing. GDI uses high-quality products that protect your surfaces for a long time to come, which is needed for high-traffic areas.

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GDI does more than deliver a service. Our professionals will work with you and explain the process, so you’re in the loop and understand the procedure. With our experience in multiple industries, we use the best products that will repel water, dry quickly, and reduce future cracking, as well as pitting.



Liven up your concrete by having our experts grind and polish it. Just like floor buffing and waxing, concrete refinishing adds a sheen to your floors, whether your establishment is newly built or in need of sprucing up.

We can help you choose the right finish, such as high gloss and low satin. With the products and equipment we use for the job, you’ll never have to worry about slips or falls.


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