Commercial Cleaning Services in Edmonton

For over 90 years, GDI has been offering the best cleaning services in Edmonton with outstanding results. Our solid foundation has helped us progress and expand within the cleaning industry, discovering new technologies, better equipment, and improved methodologies. GDI Integrated Facility Services has partnered with Edmonton businesses to create eco-friendly and healthy environments within their many establishments. We provide office cleaning services, such as window washing and floor buffing, that will leave your downtown business sparkling. GDI professionals will use their expertise when cleaning out your condo building’s HVAC system and area rugs to remove allergens from the environment.

Step towards corporate excellence and try a customized corporate cleaning program that guarantees a healthy and safe environment.

Corporate Cleaning

There are hundreds of methods to generate more sales and attract loyal customers, but many corporations overlook the simple and effective method of cleaning. GDI’s cleaning services in Edmonton have been fashioned to handle any challenge, as we are experts in the corporate sector. We listen and work with you to enhance your business’ appearance, quality, and reputation. The most important part is that our services significantly reduce your business’ downtime.
Our corporate cleaning services in Edmonton include, but aren’t limited to:

Office Cleaning

By adding our office cleaning services in Edmonton to your arsenal of tactics, your business will gain a major asset. High-traffic areas, such as boardrooms and bathrooms, are promptly tended to and elevated areas are handled with the utmost care regarding safety procedures. Workstations and cubicles are regularly maintained to improve your employees’ health and minimize their need for sick days. Our office cleaning services in Edmonton include dusting, window and glass partition cleaning, light fixture cleaning, and waste management. Our crews aim to provide you with a clean and sanitized workplace without bothering your employees.

Janitorial Services

Need daily, weekly, or monthly janitorial services in the Edmonton area? GDI customizable programs are flexible for your convenience. Our janitorial services include floor and carpet cleaning, light repairs, mopping, waste removal, and more. No matter what task you set, our GDI professionals achieve quality results while demonstrating a well-rounded knowledge and polite demeanor.

Our deep cleaning services in Edmonton, Alberta are renowned, producing allergen-free air for everyone to enjoy. Ongoing maintenance and hazard-removal create a safe space where your guests, in-house staff, and visitors feel secure. We also ensure that your common areas are consistently tidy, free of dust, spills, waste, and always well lit.

GDI’s janitorial cleaning services in Edmonton, Alberta are suitable for all industry types. Call today to set up your schedule.