Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Calgary

Window cleaning in Calgary is a high-risk job that can only be handled by the most qualified and experienced professionals. High-rise commercial window cleaning requires a thorough understanding of safety requirements, as well as a dedication to cleanliness. GDI Integrated Facility Services provides efficient and experienced commercial window cleaning in Calgary for all of your business’ window cleaning needs.

Learn how you can fully benefit from our cleaning services by joining one of our commercial window cleaning programs now before your clients drop in.

What We Can Do

  • High-Rise Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Partition Glass Cleaning
  • Window Frame Cleaning
  • Intensive Safety Protocols
  • Job Hazard Analysis

High-Rise Window Cleaning

High-Rise window cleaning is one of the most precarious occupations. GDI Services continuously strives to be an industry leader in training and safety. We have a dedicated team to oversee these challenging tasks.

Backed by our strict health and safety standards, our team of professional window cleaners provide expert cleaning solutions for all building types. Whether it is a 40 story high-rise building or 3 story commercial building our team provide safe, economical solutions to meet your building’s cleaning needs. Our experts are trained to be as efficient and thorough as possible while cleaning every floor of your high-rise building to make it shine while utilizing eco-conscious products.

We remove dust, grime, cobwebs, and bird excrement to brighten your view and enhance the appeal of your office space.

Professional Interior Window Cleaning Methods that Will Last

There are two sides to this job: the second half of our window cleaning Calgary services includes a thorough cleaning of interior windows, such as partition glass, decorative windows, and other glass surfaces. We take extra care to remove all the dust, grime, and fingerprints to ensure a smudge-free finish that positively sparkles.

In the delivery of these services, GDI uses the safest and most efficient systems available in the industry. The results of these platforms are exceptional customer service, safe execution of the scope of work, matched with dedicated staff and management support. Our excellent service, industry experience, and commitment to safety distinguishes us from other services providers.

Benefit from our vast expertise of over 90 years and contact GDI today.