Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Calgary

GDI provides full-scale services for post-construction cleanup in Calgary. Our experienced crew guarantees a thorough job that respects the peace, public safety, and municipal bylaws. We know that construction schedules do not allow for organized waste removal and dust cleanup. That’s why it’s important to hire a single post-construction cleaning crew that can handle all your maintenance and disposal needs.

Find out more about our cost-effective cleaning services in Calgary and we’ll get started on a customized program that encompasses all of your business’ requirements.

Dusting and Rubbish Removal

Every job site, big or small, is going to have a large pile of construction waste that needs to be collected and safely removed. Scraps, sawdust, glass, wood, and hazardous materials require careful collecting and removing to guarantee the site is clean and safe for the next phase of construction. Eliminating dust not only improves the air quality and working conditions of the job site, it also helps prevent the spread of environmental contamination within the community. GDI’s post-construction cleaning crew provides safe, effective, and affordable dusting and rubbish removal.

Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

No post-construction cleaning in Calgary is complete without a thorough floor cleaning. GDI’s experts will make sure your floors look and feel clean as well as sanitized. We’ll remove all evidence of its construction-phase appearance by giving your floors a proper vacuuming, sweeping, and washing with commercial-grade cleaning technology. Finally, a bit of refinishing is just what your floors need to sparkle and shine.

Millwork Cleaning

Wood and wood by-products generate some of the worst messes in a construction environment. Sawdust can get trapped in your lungs, nostrils, and eyes, while sharp wood scraps can easily penetrate clothing to scratch or splinter your skin. Sawdust affects not only construction workers, but also people living and working in the surrounding areas. It can easily travel through the air and end up in other ventilation systems, homes, schools, and offices. GDI staff delivers safe and thorough millwork cleaning so your construction site is a safe and clean place to work during and after millwork is completed.

Wall, Ceiling, and Door Cleaning

GDI guarantees a fully customized post-construction cleaning in Calgary. Once the construction phase is complete, we help you move forward with your project by scrupulously cleaning and disinfecting every surface area that may have collected dust or dirt during the process, such as walls, ceilings, doors, vents, and crevices. Under our careful attention to detail, you won’t find a single nail on the floor.

Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning

Cleaning dirt and dust from parking lots and garages gives drivers a secure place to park where they won’t worry about driving over sharp objects that could blow their tires. We ensure parking areas are welcoming for your employees, clients, and guests with our strategic cleaning methods.

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