Event Support Services in Calgary

Guarantee your event is a success by hiring event support services you can trust. GDI provides a complete package of event support services in Calgary for a variety of large-scale gatherings, such as concerts, sports games, festivals, and corporate events at both indoor and outdoor venues. Our support staff makes sure your event is spotless, safe, and sanitary.

Discuss your event’s service needs with one of our professionals so we can work with you on arranging a fully customizable cleaning and maintenance package.

What We Can Do:


  • Pre-event overall check
  • Equipment setup support
  • Full review of area cleanliness
  • Support employee and management deployment (equipment operators, technicians, etc.)
  • Logistical services and loading dock support



Sports Complexes & Facilities

Our event support staff ensures you don’t strike out during Calgary’s most important sporting events. From university football to professional hockey facilities, we’ve provided maintenance services for every size and scale. Whether your seating capacity is 500 or 50,000, our specialists have the tools and expertise to ensure your visitors’ experience is nothing but positive. After the game is over, we provide a full facility cleaning and waste sorting to guarantee your building’s hygiene while deterring unwanted pests and mould.

Outdoor Sites

The trick to outdoor event management is to leave the site looking better than when you found it. Outdoor venues provide a fun and relaxing setting for visitors; however, they require specific cleaning services to adhere to health and safety regulations while respecting the environment. GDI follows strict environmental practices while utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment to make sure your outdoor event runs smoothly.

Corporate Events

Impress your employees and esteemed guests with a corporate event that is managed, maintained, and cared for by a team of experienced staff. With the right number of employees to anticipate your facility’s needs, we make sure to refill supplies, remove waste, and provide logistical support before you or your guests have to ask. Whether it’s an office party, fundraiser, or team building getaway, our specialists will take care of it.

Contact GDI today to discuss your corporate event cleaning needs.