What is the meaning of facilities services?

Facilities services refer to the range of services provided to support the effective operation and maintenance of buildings and facilities – this means that as a facility services provider, GDI Integrated Facility Services can keep your facility up and running.

What are included in facilities services?

Included in facilities services are soft services like cleaning and disinfection, waste management, security, grounds maintenance, and hard services like HVAC maintenance and energy management.

What are the three 3 types of facilities?

There are three main types of facilities that require commercial maintenance – commercial, industrial, and institutional.

What is the role of facilities services?

The role of facility services is to support facilities management and the overall mission of the organization by ensuring safe, clean, healthy, functional and efficient buildings by providing janitorial cleaning services, disinfection, maintenance, and more.

What is the main goal of facility maintenance?

The main goal of facility maintenance is to support facility managers in maintaining and optimizing the facilities they manage – creating an accommodating environment for all occupants. When people are comfortable they are happier, will develop stronger bonds with the company and will typically be more productive and satisfied.

What is a daily maintenance?

Daily maintenance of a building might include a sanitation specialist disinfecting high-touch points, a day porter emptying and sorting waste from office trash cans, and routine mopping or vacuuming of floors.

What should a facility manager plan for?

A facility manager should plan ahead and prioritize facility services as a key component of their overall facility management strategy.

What is the difference between maintenance and facility management?

All facilities require maintenance, and managing the maintenance of the building is a key responsibility of facility managers.

What should be the first concern of every facility manager?

The first concern of a facility manager without a facility services provider is that the building could become run-down, unsafe, and costly to operate – which could negatively impact the organization’s bottom line and reputation.

What is the first priority for every facility manager?

A facility manager’s first priority is effective facility management, which along with the entire scope of a comprehensive and difficult operational position involves making sure that the entire portfolio and it’s facilities are properly maintained, cleaned, and serviced inside and out.

What are the major trends in facilities management?

A major trend in facilities management is the integration of technology, with the introduction of auto-scrubbers, building automation, and cleaning validation – many of which interact with the facility maintenance activities within a building.


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