Our Technologies

Our innovative team invests in the market’s best technology to produce high quality results and create transparent, convenient reporting and quality assurance for our clients. We start from the desires and needs of our clients, and work back to the technology.

Our Process

We search for the tools we need to enhance our productivity, consistency, and quality of service.

We test and share the results of new innovative technology with our lead experts and key clients using an ROI analysis to decide whether to move forward.

If we move forward with a new innovation, GDI develops a complete online user manual outlining key deliverables and reporting capabilities.

GDI produces a training program and video to explain the benefits of an innovation, or the circumstances it should be used in.

We establish a service offering for the tool/innovation if applicable.

We develop a go-to market strategy and develop marketing tools ready for deployment.

We implement tools in the field and ensure that users understand the advantages, benefits. and limitations of these tools.

Our Innovations



GDI Developed a proprietary remote cleaning management system that:

  • Is proven to increase cleaner accountability
  • Provides daily cleaning performance visibility
  • Shows a marked improvement on site management satisfaction
  • Dramatically decreases issues reported by clients
  • Includes consolidated reporting to provide visibility of the entire network at a glance
  • Allows for risk identification and proper brand protection

Fotofinish accomplishes this task by requiring cleaners to submit photo evidence of their task completion on a daily basis, increasing accountability. The cleaner must replicate the randomly prescribed photo presented by the app to prevent a cleaner selectively taking photos of clean areas. The photo is then evaluated by a third-party against the client-approved cleaning standard.

GDI then uses this data to:

  • Manage performance
  • Optimize allocation
  • Identify sites with chronic problems and develop a resolution
  • Identify trends to drive targeted training programs or scope adjustments


When a client’s user identifies a cleaning issue they can:

  • Download the FotoFeedback application on their smartphone
  • Take a photo of the issue and add a comment
  • Submit a ticket which will generate resolution timing and produce deficiency correction

Valid user submissions are factored into the daily cleaning performance scores generated by FotoFinish.

Cleaning Services Portal

Cleaning Services Portal

A secure online portal that:

  • Is accessible to tenants of GDI sites
  • Allows for efficient management of cleaning services
  • Includes pop-up displays with information
  • Provides various choices to the user
  • Includes adjustments to existing scope
  • Includes a menu of additional tenant services
  • Includes product offerings and Clean for Health initiatives
Voila – Staff Replacement App

Voila – Staff Replacement App

  • Notifies staff via text, email, or push
  • Incorporates seniority and star-rated system
  • Significantly reduces HR search time to replace employees
  • Does not show scheduled employees in search
Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic Scheduling

GDI uses VSETA to enable intelligent allocation of labour based on customizable service targets to reduce labour costs by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary service for low traffic areas
  • Capturing missed services
  • Adjusting the morning schedule
  • Allocating and reducing late or missed services
  • Reducing restocking complaints with supply alerts


GDI is continuously testing robot vacuums, sweepers, and different sized units. The benefits of using robotics include:

  • Reducing labour costs
  • Providing superior cleaning with daily, auditable, and detailed reports
  • Real-time mapping
  • Decreasing workplace exposure to viruses such as COVID-19
  • Providing consistent results to enhance brand image
UV Technology – Surface Disinfection

UV Technology – Surface Disinfection

GDI has sourced the latest UV disinfection technology available from leading brands such as Sanuvox. This technology can:

  • Kill a wide array of resistant organisms without harsh chemicals
  • Result in a safer, cleaner environment and ultimate peace of mind for building occupants
  • safe for use around children, pets and crops