Exclusive inspection software GDInspect


Exclusive inspection software

To ensure consistent quality of services, GDI has developed its own inspection software: GDInspect.

GDInspect, our leading-edge software, is the most innovative, powerful and efficient cleanliness inspection tool in the facility services industry. It is designed to evaluate the level of cleanliness of any given facility, therefore improving quality of services.

Inspection - TouchPad

Web-based and installed on a touch pad, it is easy to use. Once an inspection is completed, results are sent to our database, and made available on our Web site for clients to view. GDI Playbook

Appearance-based Scoring System

Instead of maintaining a traditional scoring system based on points and qualitative appreciation of an area, our scoring system is based on a series of descriptions that inspectors are asked to apply to a given set of items within a room type. The prototypes are developed according to the nature of the facility, therefore providing detailed and personalized inspections. GDInspect scoring system is based on the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, thus results are un-biased and quantifiable. Results are also used for ongoing quality assurance.

Web-based, Real-time Results Monitoring

GDInspect Report
Users may simultaneously view one or several inspections.

  • Inspections are color graphic displayed for simple referencing.
  • Reports allow for easy monitoring of the appearance, and enhancing performance if necessary.
  • Each inspection is accessible in PDF format.
  • Maintenance request and observation indicators provide immediate action.
  • The listing of each item in a room - equipment, windows, floor covering, etc. - allows for rapid evaluation of the room appearance.
  • Overall graphic layout displays the cleanliness of each facility.

GDInspect, the assurance of always getting more.

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